What to Look for When Hiring Contractors for Swimming Pool Construction in Los Angeles, CA

Adding a new pool to your property is a major financial and lifestyle decision that will affect you and your family for years to come. Most of the time, getting a new pool is a great move, and one that adds fun to your life and value to your property. But if you fail to properly vet your pool contractors prior to swimming pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, what should be a fun experience may soon turn into a major headache. To avoid hiring pool contractors who are disappointing or misleading, just remember to look for these qualities during the hiring process:

  • Experience: It is true that everyone starts somewhere, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to give someone new a chance. But when it comes to something as major as a new pool, you are going to want to hire a business that has at least a few employees who have been in the pool industry for a long time. If they have experience with difficult, impressive projects, that is even better.
  • Options: Building a new pool shouldn’t be just like painting by numbers. Each client deserves a pool that reflects their vision and needs, from the overall size and shape to any special additional features. When you are hiring pool contractors, make sure they are able to provide all the options you want for your new pool.
  • Acclaim: If a pool business has been around awhile without making any sort of splash, that is a sign that they do not think outside the box and might not have the level of skill you deserve. When looking at potential contractors, remember to ask if their work has ever been featured in any publications, or if they have references from satisfied former clients.
  • Credentials: When hiring any type of contractor to do work on your property, it is imperative that they be fully licensed, bonded and insured. Beyond that, it certainly does not hurt if they belong to any special industry associations. For pool contractors, the most respected of these associations is the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, or APSP for short.
  • Amiability: The pool contractors you hire are going to be in your life for months, and will be spending a lot of time on your property. When hiring pool contractors, remember that you deserve to feel fully comfortable and at ease around them. If a potential contractor fails to be properly polite or friendly when you meet with them, that may indicate that you should think twice about doing business with them in the future.
  • Examples: Finally, any quality pool design and construction company is going to be more than happy to show you pictures of past work, and to take some time to point out the different design styles and special features. If a contractor is at all reluctant to do so, take that as a red flag.

If you are looking for experienced pool contractors that have all the above qualities and more, and if you’re in the market for top quality swimming pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, please get in touch with Avanti Pools, Inc. anytime.