A Pool Builder in Los Angeles, CA Explains Self-Cleaning Pools

Swimming pools are a fantastic feature to have at your home, but they can also be a lot of work. Between shock and chemical treatments and clearing out fallen leaves and debris, you may feel like you are spending more time maintaining your pool than actually enjoying it. The good news is that there are products and features available that are designed to make it easy to keep your pool clean.

A pool builder in Los Angeles, CA can install a pool with cleaning units built right in. These in-floor cleaners are designed to consolidate debris that collect on the bottom of the pool and clear them out. If you’re considering a swimming pool renovation, or you want to install a new pool altogether, you might want to consider adding in-floor pool cleaners.

How automatic pool cleaners work

Self-cleaning pools have a system of in-floor cleaning heads that pop up and use jets of water to divert debris to one specific side of the pool. Once the debris has been consolidated, it is sucked up by drains to clear it from the water. This debris is usually diverted to a drain trap that is located in the pool deck. You will need to clear out the trap on a regular basis to ensure that the self-cleaning system continues to work effectively and to prevent major obstructions that can decrease the effectiveness of the system.

Self-cleaning pool considerations

The convenience that a self-cleaning pool can offer makes it well worth the investment for many homeowners. Even people who love their swimming pools often feel frustrated at the prospect of painstakingly fishing debris from the bottom of their pools. By having a self-cleaning pool system installed by your pool builder in Los Angeles, CA, you can significantly cut the amount of time that you spend on pool cleaning and maintenance.

Another significant benefit of a self-cleaning pool system is that it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool. Pool cleaning equipment traditionally includes various hoses, pumps and nets, which can make the area around your pool look messy and cluttered. Another benefit of a self-cleaning pool is the fact that it can promote the circulation of warm water and chemicals throughout your pool.

The biggest drawback of self-cleaning pools is the fact that they can add a sizable amount to the total cost of swimming pool installation. However, many pool owners find that the convenience and aesthetic appeal that self-cleaning pools can offer are well worth the initial investment.

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