Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Proceeding with New Pool Construction in Los Angeles, CA

The preparation phase is the most important part of building a swimming pool, which includes working together with a pool designer, builder and contractor to help you decide on the overall look of your pool. But while you’ll have a swimming pool builder by your side to walk you through the design process, it’s can be very helpful to have a general idea of what you want going into the project.

The following are four good questions to ask yourself before diving feet-first into plans for new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA.

Why do you want a swimming pool?

One backyard swimming pool design may work for one person but not another. For instance, a swimming pool designed for exercising will look very different from a pool meant primarily for backyard entertainment. Or, if your goal is to have a pool to float around in to relax while enjoying your beautiful garden, you will want a personalized design. Looking for a design to accommodate water therapy? Consider a combination swimming pool and spa!

Who will be using the pool?

Here’s the thing—a pool designed to provide a romantic time for a couple is going to look quite different from a pool designed for a family with children. Homeowners who entertain guests often, but also want a pool that caters to them on all other days, should consider a pool design that is able to accommodate swimmers of all ages. For example, there may be a shallow area for small children, railings for the physically challenged, underwater speakers for general entertainment, underwater lights for night swimmers and a pool deck big enough for folks who want to lay out and tan.

Can your backyard accommodate a pool?

One of the first things you should do before drawing out a pool design or putting down a down payment on pool construction services is perform a soil test. This tells you if the area is suitable and safe for pool construction. Factors like sandy, rocky or expansive soil will stand out to pool builders, as these present serious building concerns, and a high water table can greatly increase construction costs. Additionally, your proposed site may be inaccessible to the heavy machinery needed to dig the hole for the pool.

Where do you want to install the pool?

First and foremost, contact your county or city and ask about pool building ordinances in your area—they can tell you all you need to know about the zoning and building laws that apply to your property. Out of concern for water runoff, there could be restrictions on how much of your yard can be covered in a material like decking and pools, as well as the direction it slopes. Local underground gas, electric, cable, sewer, telephone and water lines could also influence your pool’s location. You might also be required to install a fence around your pool.

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