What You Need to Know About Using Built-in Seating in Your Pool Design

Have you been thinking about installing a new swimming pool or remodeling your current one? While many homeowners get excited about the major features of a pool, including shape, size and depth, it’s the details that turn a standard backyard pool from something ordinary into an outstanding feature for any outdoor space. Built-in seating is just one of these special details that can truly enhance your Los Angeles, CA swimming pool. Here’s what you need to know about how to integrate this feature into the design of your pool space.

What types of built-in seating are typically installed?

Whether you’re installing a new pool completely from scratch or renovating your current pool in Los Angeles, CA, it’s not hard to incorporate built-in seating into the design. Built-in features are typically made from poured concrete. A form is made to the desired shape, and gunite or shotcrete are poured to fill the form and make a permanent feature that you and your guests can enjoy. Here are some typical built-in seating configurations for swimming pools:

  • Benches: Place built-in benches along the perimeter of a pool to provide comfortable seating with a natural backrest. You can even angle the backrest so you’re able to comfortably recline in the pool.
  • Bench/stair combinations: If you have stairs leading into your pool, extending them a bit can turn them into a functional seating area that’s also very aesthetically pleasing. By installing generously proportioned entry steps, adults and kids alike can enter the pool gradually rather than making a splash.
  • Bar stools: Simple stools near the edge of a pool can provide a place for you and your guests to socialize, eat or chat without getting out of the water.
  • Tanning ledge: This pool upgrade has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. A tanning ledge allows you to rest, relax and tan without getting hot, since you’ll be partly immersed in water. Create a versatile seating area with soak chairs and an umbrella or a shallow play area for the kids.

What other features can you integrate into your built-in seating?

Many Los Angeles, CA pool owners incorporate an in-pool dining table when they install built-in seating. It’s a great way to stay cool while you and your family and friends enjoy a delicious meal or refreshing drinks. Plan ahead for how many people you’d like to accommodate and work with your pool builder to integrate the seating seamlessly with the design of the pool.

You should also consider creative ways to light your seating areas. Talk with your pool installation professional about indirect lighting to give the seating spaces a soft glow that adds to the ambience of the space without shining in your eyes.

Built-in seating makes your pool in Los Angeles, CA a more attractive and inviting place to spend time with family and friends. Whether you’re deciding to renovate an existing pool or install a brand-new one, get the advice of a design expert to make the most of this luxurious backyard feature. Contact Avanti Pools, Inc. today to learn more about these and other exciting pool design features and upgrades.