How to Get a Swimming Pool Permit in Los Angeles

So, you’ve saved up enough money and are ready to invest in a pool for your Los Angeles home. While you’re likely excited to start construction, there are some swimming pool permit FAQs you’ll likely need to consider. What is the purpose of a pool permit? How long do you have to wait on one? Can you use your pool right after receiving your permit?

There are several requirements for obtaining this permit, including filling out a form with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). Read on to learn more about the pool permit process and the requirements for obtaining one.

Los Angeles swimming pool permit requirements

The first thing you’ll want to do is contact your local homeowners association and make sure it’s okay to build a pool on your property. After that, you can fill out your swimming pool permit application with the LADBS as mentioned above.

There are several pieces of information you should include in this application, like your name, address, the address where the pool will be built, the desired dimensions of the pool and more. It’s also important to include information on how far from your home the pool will be located. Basically, the point of this application, and the permit itself for that matter, is to ensure that your pool won’t mess with nearby utilities.

After submitting your application to the LADBS, it’s best to pay any fees associated with receiving a swimming pool permit. It usually takes anywhere between three and six days to receive approval. After receiving approval, you can start construction on your brand-new pool!

Getting your pool installed

When deciding to build a pool, it’s important to work with a good pool contractor. They will help you decide on the right dimensions for your future pool, as well as the best materials to use. It’s important to consider what type of pool you’d like before submitting a swimming pool permit application. While many people prefer in-ground pools, these can cost around $10,000 on average in Los Angeles. If you’d prefer something cheaper, consider an above-ground pool instead.

Receive an inspection

Before everything is said and done, it’s important to schedule a pool inspection with the LADBS. This inspection should take place after construction is complete, as it will ensure your pool was constructed in accordance with the information provided on your application. The process itself involves an initial inspection of the outside of your pool. They will also check all safety features and electrical installations.

The inspector will look at the inside of your pool, checking the liner for cracks, tears, etc. Lastly, they will check all the features of your pool, including handrails, lights, heaters, ladders, timers and electrical equipment. Your pool’s plumbing and filters will be checked as well.

If you don’t pass this inspection, you won’t be able to use your pool. That’s why it’s important to provide exact information on your application.

If you’re ready to invest in a beautiful new pool, or if you have more swimming pool permit FAQs, contact Avanti Pools, Inc. today.