Top Rated Pool Filters of 2022

A pool filter is a filtration component that removes contaminants and bacteria from the pool water. A pool filter is vital for the overall function of a swimming pool since it eliminates the hazy glow and debris from the pool water. 

Using a pool filter for your pool water ensures that the water is crystal clear and free from bacteria that might potentially cause some health hazards. There are certainly quite a few types of pool filters that differ in functionality. However, 2022 has presented some of the best pool filters for your pool.

Best Pool Filters 2022 

The best type of pool filter depends on its capability to filter out the tiniest bits of contaminants, bacteria and debris. Three types of pool filters have gained popularity in 2022. They include sand pool filters, cartridge pool filters and diatomaceous earth (D.E.) pool filters.

Each of the types mentioned above has its pros and cons in functionality. Also, they all vary in price, size, style and filtration replacement frequency. For instance, the sand pool filter works efficiently in a larger pool and does not clog easily compared to the other types of filters.

Also, sand pool filters are easily affordable and require minimal maintenance. They usually grab and filter larger particles that are 20 microns or more. So, if you are looking to eliminate more significant bacteria or debris from your pool, the sand pool filter is the best. On the other hand, the cartridge pool filter is quite expensive compared to the sand pool filter.

Its efficiency also increases on a smaller pool. The cartridge pool filter captures and filters debris as small as 10 microns. After cleaning out the pool, the cartridge filter will require cleaning by removing it from the tank and spraying it with a hose to remove build-up and dirt.

The diatomaceous earth (D.E.) pool filter is the most expensive type of pool filter, which also requires intensive maintenance. This pool filter captures the tiniest bits of particles as small as 5 microns. It works similarly to a sand pool filter but uses fine powder to capture particles instead of water. 

How to Choose the Right Pool Filter

Choosing the right pool filter is incredibly important for the proper functionality of your pool. A pool filter should also go hand in hand with the size of the pool pump. A pump and filter should be compatible, and neither should be more potent than the other.

Also, a filter should have a higher flow rate than the pump’s flow rate to avoid damage to the filter. The right pool filter should also be selected based on the pool’s capacity. The right pool filter should be able to clean up all the dirt and debris within a maximum of 8 hours.

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