How to Keep Your Pool Cool During the Summer

A cool swim in your pool is among the most relaxing ways to spend your long hot summer days. However, the pool water is likely to heat under the hot sun, especially with the rising heatwave. Instead, of a cool swim, it will turn into a hot tub bath when you fail to take adequate care of your pool during the summer. Fortunately, several core strategies will keep your pool cool during the scorching hot summertime. These strategies include:

Using a Swimming Pool Aerator

Swimming pool aerators are simple add-ons that are fastened to the current return lines and, by using the pool’s pump, spritze jets of water into the pool. This has a cooling effect on the water because the landing droplets of the sprayed jets of water collect oxygen in midair. Though this only reduces the water’s heat by a few degrees, the difference is significant on a hot summer day. 

Keeping the Water in Motion

You can achieve this by installing an aesthetic fountain in the pool. The fountain will serve the function of cooling down the pool water. It would be best to operate the fountain in the nighttime and disconnect during the day to ensure that the fountain effectively serves this purpose. Operating the fountain during the hot daytime will have the counter-productive effect of heating the water.

Operating the Pool Filter in the Evening

At night, the air tepidity is lower. Running the filter of your in-ground swimming pool during the nighttime will cool the water slightly since the pipes are located in the cool ground underneath.

Covering the Pool When Not in Use

Maintain the desired water temperature in your pool by keeping it covered when not in use. Covering the pool helps by stopping the water from overheating. Avanti Pools Inc. provides top-notch pool cover installation services, including the modern automatic covers, at your convenience. Pool covers are also essential for your pool as they make your home safe for small children and pets by keeping them from tripping and drowning in the pool.

Running Solar Panels Through the Night

There is a contrary cooling effect when the pool water flows through the solar panels at night because as it draws back to the pool, it will have cooled. 

Using Evaporative Coolers or a Pool Mister

As the mist forms, the pool water evaporates, hence cooling down. It is an uncomplicated, affordable and fun way of cooling your swimming pool. It uses the pool as its water source, making up for the lost evaporated water by generating an evaporative cooling sheath. 

Installing Sun Shades or Pool Canopies Around Your Swimming

They hinder the hot sun’s rays from reaching the pool’s water surface, reducing the heating up of the pool water. The strategy is also beneficial in preventing bugs and flying debris from reaching the pool, thus enhancing security and hygiene.

These strategies will help to keep your pool cool during the summer. Adopting these different strategies together will maximize the cooling effect. Avanti Pools Inc. will help you with professional pool cover installation and all pool solutions in Los Angeles, CA, and its surrounding areas.