Inground Pool Interiors

An inground pool is an enjoyable addition to any home and can be used for both fun and relaxation. When getting an inground pool installed, one question to ask yourself is what are the best inground pool interiors for your pool. There are many options to choose from, each with its pros and cons. Here are some of the most popular choices for inground pool interiors and what each offers.

Pool Interiors

Here are three of the best inground pool interiors to consider for your pool.

  • Plaster: A classic pool interior finish plaster can be dyed in many different colors to suit your pool’s appearance. As a pool interior, plaster is inexpensive and offers a classy simplistic look. The disadvantages include a rough finish, loss of color if dyed, a need for regular maintenance to keep it clean, required acid washing every few years, and it can also easily become damaged if maintenance is missed or the water chemistry is disagreeable. Also, plaster only lasts five to ten years before it needs replacing.
  • Aggregate: A mix of cement and stones such as pebbles, glass beads, or quartz creates this visually pleasing finish. Aggregate finishes are also versatile, and you can expose the stones creating a bumpy texture, or polish them, creating a smooth surface. Aggregates that make use of pebbles last ten to twenty years while quartz lasts between seven and twelve years. Disadvantages include discoloration and exposed finishes may be uncomfortable to walk on.
  • Tiles: Much like tiles used in other applications, pool tiles can be made of porcelain, glass, or stone, with the ability to mix tile types being an option. Porcelain tile offers an array of different finishes such as textures, glazing, and hand-painted designs. Stone tiles offer a lovely natural aesthetic and glass tiles catch natural light and are also nice to look at offering various designs. Long-lasting and easy to clean the disadvantages of tile interiors are the upfront costs and the possibility of cracks or chips.
  • Other Options: You have other choices for your pool’s interior, such as vinyl liners and fiberglass. A vinyl lining is smooth and affordable but does require notable amounts of upkeep. Fiberglass is nice to look at and has the advantage of looking nice while requiring little overall upkeep.

Final Thoughts

Your pool’s interior is highly customizable depending on the type of material you use for the interior. When choosing an interior lining for your inground pool, your main considerations are the overall appearance you want it to have, the cost, and the overall upkeep needs. With some careful research and advice, you can find the perfect pool interior to meet your goals and budget.