5 Benefits of Having an Automatic Pool Cover

There are several benefits of having an automatic pool cover. Investing in one can mean everything when it comes to keeping your pool safe, clean, and energy efficient. Automatic pool covers are typically made from vinyl that operates automatically. This means that your pool can open and close with ease.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Automatic Pool Cover? 

Here are 5 benefits of having an automatic pool cover:

  • Cleaner Pool – Investing in an automatic pool cover means you will have a much cleaner pool. This saves you valuable time having to consistently clean your pool. Automatic pool covers block debris and dirt from getting into your pool. Additionally, you will no longer have to run your pool pump as much throughout the day. Having an automatic pool cover means cleaner water and a filter that will last longer.
  • Conserves Water – Automatic pool covers keep water inside your pool. Typically, you can expect to lose up to an inch of water per day on your pool water line. This can equal up to almost four inches by the end of the week. The wind, sun, lack of humidity, and the temperatures outside can primarily cause this. While it is not possible to control every outdoor element, an automatic pool cover can keep some of these elements at bay. For example, automatic pool covers can create a barrier that blocks direct sunlight on the water.
  • Energy Efficient – Automatic pool covers are also energy efficient. When the seasons change, you’ll need to use a heat pump or gas heater to keep your pool water at a nice temperature. But, with the help of automatic pool covers, you can easily stretch your swimming season and save money in the process. Who wants to spend more money to keep their pool warm during the fall? An automatic cover can reduce your pool heating costs by up to 70 percent.
  • Increase Safety – With pools comes a safety concern, especially if you have young children. Automatic pool covers provide an additional safety net since they are durable and strong. They can keep children and pets from falling in. Automatic pool covers don’t have to be used to winterize your pool. They can also be used for safety during the spring and summer while the pool is being used.
  • Convenient – Finally, automatic pool covers are convenient. Unlike manual covers, you have to spread them out over your pool and use an anchor to time them down. Automatic pool covers offer convenience, which could also mean more frequent use.

There’s no need to think twice about investing in an automatic pool cover. While they may cost more to install, they will reduce what you would otherwise be paying over the years to maintain your pool. Automatic pool covers can give you the peace of mind you need with regard to safety, efficiency, water loss, and cleaner water.