How To Prepare Your Pool For Spring

How To Prepare Your Pool For Spring

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to get your pool ready for a new season of swimming. Before you jump in, there are a few things you should do first.

General Maintenance Checklist

Spring is a great time to get your pool ready for another season of fun and relaxation. Before you can jump in the water, you need to make sure your pump and filtration system are working properly, as well as the chemicals in the water are balanced. You’ll also want to check your pool accessories for wear and tear. If the covers on your skimmer, or any other pool equipment are worn out, you’ll need to replace them as soon as possible. Additionally, you’ll likely need to clean your pool and remove any debris that may have accumulated over the winter. This will help prevent algae growth during the warm weather and allow you to spend more time enjoying your new swimming spot!

Remove The Cover

Before removing the cover from your pool, it’s important to clear away any debris that may have accumulated on top of it over the winter. This includes dead leaves, sticks and twigs. It’s also a good idea to remove any water that collected on the surface. A leaf rake or a skimmer net can help to collect this type of debris. After you’ve cleared it off, drain any remaining water from the pool and allow it to dry. Next, detach the cover from deck anchors and straps around the sides of your pool using a hex driver. Alternatively, you can use a cover removal tool to loosen all springs on each anchor before removing the cover.

Clean The Filter

The pool filter removes a lot of dirt and debris from your water. To keep the filter clean, it’s important to clean it on a regular basis. Before you start cleaning, be sure to read the instructions for your pool filter. You’ll find instructions on how to remove the cartridge, wash it out, and reassemble. Once you’ve gotten all the debris off of the cartridge, it’s time to clean the pleats. To do this, we recommend using an extra strength filter cleaning formula that will help to remove grease and oil from the pleats. After the filter is cleaned, you’ll want to test your water.

Test The Water

When you first open your pool in the spring, it’s important to test the water. This will ensure that the water chemistry is properly balanced to prevent algae growth and other issues. To do this, you’ll need a water test kit or strip. These are inexpensive and easy to use. Some of these strips can test for individual chemicals, while others are multi-purpose. Most are easy to understand and come with a color chart on the back of the bottle. Using a test strip is a simple process: dip one end of the strip into the pool water and wait for 10 seconds. The strip will then read the colors and give you the results. And whether you choose to use test strips, a test kit, or a digital water tester, it’s important to test the water often so that your pool remains crystal clear and safe for swimming. Ideally, you should test the water at least two or three times each week.

Looking For An Upgrade?

If you want to upgrade your current system to make it more energy efficient and easier to maintain, let us help you select the right equipment for your needs. Our pool construction team can install a variety of equipment that is sure to increase your enjoyment of the water in the long term. A new filtration system, a saltwater system or even a new heater can help your pool perform better and save you money on costly maintenance costs. For a beautiful backyard that you can show off and enjoy, call the expert pool builders at Avanti Pools, Inc. today to learn more about the pool features that our swimming pool construction projects offer in Los Angeles, CA!