What Is A Baja Shelf?

A baja shelf, also known as a sun shelf or tanning ledge, is an extended step into the pool that creates a shallow area in the water for lounging and play. It’s a great spot for those who love to swim but aren’t a fan of full-body immersion, as well as children and pets. It’s also an ideal place to sit, relax, and sip an umbrella drink while partially submerged in the cool water. And if nothing else, it’s undisputedly a wonderful place to just take a break from it all and rest in comfort for once. 

Many high-end resorts use a baja shelf in their pools, but you can now add one to your own backyard oasis! Baja shelves have grown in popularity since the 1990s, adding functionality and a sense of scale to residential pools. Typically, a baja shelf sits no more than a foot below the water’s surface and is large enough to accommodate a few chaise lounges or chairs. With some customization, a baja ledge is sure to add a little luxury to your backyard. 

Depending on your budget and design needs, you can choose to accessorize a baja shelf with specialty tiles, water features, lighting, or even umbrella sleeves. These features can help add a pop of color to your pool design and provide an extra ambiance for relaxing in the yard! If you are looking to install a Baja shelf yourself, it is best to consult with experts in custom concrete pool design and construction. The experts at Avanti Pools, Inc. can help you choose the right shape for your pool and recommend the right water features and lighting for your custom baja shelf! 

How To Design A Baja Shelf For Your Pool

Adding a pool to your home is a great way to make your time at home more enjoyable. One of the fastest rising pool design trends today is having a pool with a Baja shelf. Also known as a tanning ledge, this is a large area on your pool where you can have a chair for basking in the sun. Incorporating a tanning ledge into your pool design is an excellent option if you enjoy lounging in the pool. Most Baja shelves are large enough to accommodate a couple of chairs and a small table. Here’s what to consider when designing a Baja shelf for your pool.

1. Decide on the Depth and Size

Traditionally, a tanning ledge is large and shallow, usually set between 3 to 6 inches in water depth as the first step of the pool. However, there are Baja shelf pool designs that are even deeper and set as the second step of the pool, roughly 14 to 17 inches in water depth. Therefore, you need to pick how deep you want your Baja shelf to be. On the other hand, how large do you want your tanning area to be? You can make it as large as a “beach,” like what you can find in resorts, or small in size to accommodate only one or two people. You need to settle on what size tanning ledge you want. Keep in mind the space available around your pool when deciding on the size of the Baja shelf.  

2. Mounting Points for Umbrellas

If your tanning ledge will be in a shaded area, you don’t have to worry about umbrellas. However, if it’s not, you have to think about having mounting points for umbrellas. If you decide to have mounting points for umbrellas, the pool contractor will install them directly into the Baja shelf floor. This will let you install umbrellas when you want and remove them when they aren’t needed.

3. Custom Tiles on the Ledge’s Border

Baja shelves allow for endless customization opportunities. One of the simplest customizations you can do is on the border tiles around the perimeter of the ledge. Having custom tiles on the ledge’s border will be a great way to add a touch of style to the tanning ledge. Additionally, this is an excellent safety feature as it will clearly mark where the tanning ledge ends and the pool begins.

4. Water Features and Lighting

Contemplate installing a water feature to your Baja shelf design. This will provide a beautiful aesthetic and add amazing ambient sounds to your pool. Moreover, you can add unique lighting to the side of the ledge to increase the Baja shelf’s aesthetic appeal and provide extra lighting to the pool at night.

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What You Need to Know About Baja Shelves in Pools

A swimming pool isn’t always just a swimming pool—slides, jets, fountains and other add-ons make each pool unique. One of the more popular add-ons these days is Baja shelves. A Baja shelf in Los Angeles, CA is basically a long and wide step that leads into your pool, and it’s typically submerged between eight to 16 inches. Baja shelves originated in huge resort pools, but have become increasingly popular in residential pools over the past few decades—continue reading to find out why!

What are the benefits of a Baja shelf?

People across the country wouldn’t install Baja shelves if they didn’t have their advantages. Here are a couple of reasons why our customers consistently opt to put a Baja shelf in their pool:

Things to consider

There are some things you need to think about before you go ahead and add a Baja shelf to your pool. These are a few things you must consider prior to installation:

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