Brand Spotlight – CL Free Water Systems

Brand Spotlight – CL Free Water Systems

Since the introduction of water treatment, chlorine has been used as the primary method for active disinfection in most homes and commercial properties. This has become a well recognized and accepted germicide by public health authorities, and chlorine is still the sole disinfectant utilized in most water systems today. However, public health agencies nationwide are realizing the need for a more natural alternative to chlorine in water treatment and are calling for a halt to the use of chlorination for all water treatment purposes.

The “Classic” System

CL Free Water Systems “Classic” system is an effective way to sanitize and protect your pool/spa water and provides you with a completely chlorine-free swimming experience. The system is designed to oxidize carbon-based impurities, such as rust and dirt, by creating pure oxygen (hydroxyl) in the water with platinum coated titanium plates. It also kills bacteria and algae while freshening the pool/spa. The “Classic” system has three components: the Flow Chamber, Digital Controller and a Flow Switch. The Flow Chamber contains copper electrodes and platinum coated titanium plates which enable Oxidation and Ionization to keep your pool clear and healthy. The Digital Control Unit is designed to run without any wiring and plugs into a standard 110V outlet, while the Flow Switch turns the Digital Control Unit on and off as the pool pump runs. In addition, the Digital Control Unit comes with a five-way testing kit that measures all of your basic water chemistry. When the pH rises above 7.6, the system automatically adjusts the pH down by injecting CO2 into the pool pump basket. The system is estimated to use 10 lbs of CO2 per 10,000 gallons of water. CO2 tank(s) are not included; local air/gas supply or welding supply is recommended.

The “Classic-Plus” System

CL Free Water Systems “Classic-Plus” system is a hybrid purification system that combines platinum coated titanium plates and copper electrodes with a high-tech Digital Control Unit and Flow Switch to create pure oxygen (hydroxyl), ionize copper, kill algae and keep your pool crystal clear. The aforementioned device is a technologically savvy, low maintenance and cost effective solution to your water problems. Its most noteworthy feature is the ability to show you the pH of your pool water on a computer screen. The aforementioned gadget will also display if the temperature of your pool water is higher or lower than the setting of your Digital Control Unit. This is a must have for any pool owner! It can even save you the hassle of lugging around a test kit.

The “Ultra” System

CL Free Water Systems “Ultra” system is the same as the “Classic-Plus” pool system with one major improvement: it can now display and automatically adjust pH using Co2. Instead of manually mixing liquid Muriatic Acid, which is an acidic solution that lowers pH, the system will inject 20 seconds of Co2 into your pool pump basket every 5 minutes until the pH comes back to 7.3. This is an effective and safe way to reduce your pool pH without having to use chemicals that are not good for you or the environment. The system features an in-line electrolytic Flow Cell, which includes platinum-coated titanium plates and copper electrodes. This in-line filtration process creates pure oxygen (hydroxyl) and ionizes the water to eliminate microbes and algae. The system also includes a Digital Control Unit and a Flow Switch that turns the Flow Cell on and off when your pool pump runs. The Flow Cell is equipped with a five-way testing kit to ensure that all of the basic water balance levels are being maintained. This filtration system is made to be easy to install and maintain, making it a great choice for your home. It is a great alternative to bottled water and will save you money in the long run!