What You Should Know Before New Spa Construction in Los Angeles, CA

So, you’ve got the perfect spot picked out for a home spa—but are you truly ready to take on the responsibility that comes with owning one? Like a car or an HVAC unit, a spa requires proper upkeep to remain in good working order. Therefore, it’s important to look at everything from your budget to maintenance to where you intend to put it—do your homework before new spa construction in Los Angeles, CA!

  • Location is important: Besides needing level ground surface on which to place a spa unit, ask yourself whether you’re going to need an outlet for electricity. If so, don’t install your new spa far away from a required power source unless you plan on running a line over to it. And since there will be the sound of circulating spa water, noise from hot tub users and not to mention privacy issues, be courteous to your neighbors by not installing a spa too close to a shared fence or underneath their window.
  • Keep it covered: Winter, spring, summer or fall, you should always cover your spa to keep the circulating water safe and clean. By covering your spa when you’re done using it, you’ll be keeping things out like leaves, dust, bugs and animals, as well as adhering to safety precautions, as a good spa cover prevents children and pets from falling in and drowning. Choose from a selection of roll covers, insulating covers and aluminum covers based on factors including whether your spa is in the sun or under the patio, your budget, cover quality and expected lifespan.
  • Solar or electricity: While gathering information about spa construction in Los Angeles, CA, consider how you will want to heat the water. You can save money on electric bills and be energy efficient by going solar, but if your spa will be running off of electricity, check to see if you have an outdoor electrical outlet that’s compatible with the required voltage needed for your chosen spa design. Should an outlet need to be converted, consult an electrician to make sure this is possible before purchasing a spa.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Even if you have a self-cleaning spa, you still have to inspect, maintain and clean all components, inside and out, from time to time. Cleaning it out after its water circulation has been turned off for a period of time is important because standing water leads to scum buildup, awful smells and a place for insects to breed. Another thing to consider is whether you will have funds to pay for costly electrical problems or serious cosmetic issues, should they arise.
  • Insurance coverage: Your homeowner’s insurance may or may not cover a spa as a single unit, but it might include it as a part of your basic property coverage for damage caused by spa malfunction or accidents. Look at your insurance policy or consider calling your insurance company to find out the impact a new spa might have on your premium.

When you’re ready for new spa construction in Los Angeles, CA, contact the spa professionals at Avanti Pools, Inc. for specialized spa design and installation.