Are You Ready for a Pool?

Perhaps you recently enjoyed spending time in a friend’s pool, or maybe you wish for a swim on a hot day. No matter the reason, you now feel compelled to call a pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA and immediately build a personal oasis. However, pools can be expensive and require maintenance, so this may not be a commitment you really wish to keep. Before you give us a call, take some time to consider these factors:

  • Why you want one: Is it for your personal image? Do you intend to swim once a year, or every day? These considerations will not only help you assess whether the expense is worth it, but they might also impact the pool design should you decide to build one after all. Pools used for fitness purposes are very different from those used for recreation only. If you see it as an aesthetic feature to be used rarely, that will also affect your decision and the final layout.
  • Who will use it: Obviously, if your answer is “no one,” or “me, but only occasionally,” you may want to rethink the compulsion. However, just like the “why” question, this one will also impact decisions related to design. If you have children, you may want a pool with an extended shallow area or an auxiliary wading pool. If your household is adults only and you love to entertain, you can likely get away with a deeper pool, and even add features like underwater speakers.
  • Your yard’s suitability: Sandy or rocky soil or a high water table may stop pool construction before it even starts. At the least, they will increase construction costs that will lead you to deeper consideration regarding what you really want. Sometimes, digging down deep to install the pool can uncover unwelcome surprises. Discovering buried trash, for example, can require expensive removal fees. Your consideration here is budget and being prepared to spend more than is originally predicted.
  • Permits and zoning: Local ordinances can limit the location and size of pools. There can also be restrictions on features. For example, some neighborhoods may look poorly on you installing underwater speakers. Fencing is also an important consideration, as safety issues and accessibility to your pool will affect compliance with the law and your insurance policy. If you are not ready to consider all these laws and requirements, you are probably not prepared to construct a pool.
  • Compatibility with your backyard: You need to consider not just the amenities you want included with your pool, but also the ones you already have in your yard. If you wish to preserve the century-old trees, there are likely ways to work around them, but you may wind up with a pool shape unlike your original expectation. Similarly, outdoor grills accompany pools nicely, and if you already have one, the pool will need to adapt to it. This will not only affect your expectations, but also whether you decide to proceed with pool construction at all. People do not always want to rearrange their whole backyard.

When you are ready to take the plunge, call Avanti Pools, Inc. to hire a pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA. We enjoy challenging projects and would love to talk to you about your ideal swimming pool.