Prepare Your Yard for New Pool Construction In Los Angeles, CA

The big day has arrived and it is time to prepare for your pool construction crew. As this is a large undertaking, there are steps you need to take beforehand to assure this proceeds as easily as possible. Take these steps before the arrival of the crew to help your construction time be as uneventful as possible:

  • Know the timeframe: New pool construction in Los Angeles, CA takes time. During this period, your yard will be in upheaval and your routines will be disrupted. This is especially true if you have pets or children who are used to having free run of the yard. The process may be shorter or longer than you realized, so be prepared either way and determine alternatives.
  • Locate utilities: Water, gas and electric lines must all be identified before the crew starts digging your pool. By marking these first, workers can know which areas to avoid. This will keep them safe and prevent damage to your yard. Depending on the layout of utilities, this will also affect the placement of your pool and its amenities.
  • Move plants: Due to sunlight requirements or the overall chaos in the yard, some plants may not tolerate the construction phase. Consider moving them to a place with more light or away from the havoc. You may want to move your pool away from trees anyway, as that will help keep debris from landing in the water and give you less cleanup to deal with. That decision will also assure the construction affects plants as little as possible.
  • Check fencing laws: Once the pool is complete, your fencing contractor should not be far behind. Some areas require pool fencing, and the standards can be very stringent. Also, your homeowner’s insurance may insist on fencing, or you may not have coverage in the event of a claim. No matter the reason, fencing must also be part of pool design and construction. Have that planned before the crew starts building your pool.
  • Clear clutter: If you have a patio area intended to complement the pool, remove any furniture and clutter. Giving the workers more space will help the process and keeps your stuff out of harm’s way. Also make sure any walkways to the construction site are clear so workers can travel without worrying about tripping. The less extra stuff in your yard at the time of construction, the better.
  • Secure pets and children: The construction site will present many temptations to children. Supervise them well during this time so they do not expose themselves to injury. Pets can also get lost during this period. Inform the construction crew of your pets so they are not accidentally let loose. Consider other accommodations for them during construction just to ensure their safety.
  • Above all, be patient: Pool construction has fewer certainties because it involves digging underground. There may be a planned timeframe of two weeks, but new developments can make it three weeks. Prepare to roll with circumstances and listen to your contractors when possible contingencies are described. The process will not be perfect, but rest assured, it will get done.

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