Consider Your Ideal Design Before Pool Construction in Los Angeles, CA

Making the decision to invest in a pool for your home means making a choice for a higher quality of life and an increased property appeal should you ever decide to sell your home in the future. Realistically, any pool addition can accomplish these things—it takes the ideal pool to truly illustrate your style, accent your needs and transform your living space into the embodiment of your desires.

Choosing a pool starts first and foremost with picking the right design and before pool construction in Los Angeles, CA starts, you’re going to want to make sure you’re in love with your choice—there’s no going back after the ground has been broken!

Take a look at a few different styles of pool design and what makes each unique in its own right. Ponder these options and pair them up with your vision for an ideal pool before consulting a contractor about pool construction in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Architecture pool: As the name would imply, this is a pool style that’s focused primarily on design. These pools frequently build themselves into your landscaping and hardscaping, to give the appeal of cohesion on your property. Sophisticated, cosmopolitan and built with a price tag to match, architecture pools are considered the embodiment of luxury in the world of residential pools.
  • Recreational pools: These pools are designed with the kids in mind! Recreational pools aren’t flashy in their design, but offer a few amenities that keep kids and those young at heart happy on a hot day. Often built with slides or basketball hoops included, recreational pools offer a larger overall pool space without a whole lot of flash.
  • Infinity pools: Infinity pools give the allusion of standing water and serene stillness. These pools are reserved for the upper echelon of homeowners who have the funds to create one and are often associated more with luxury than use. Infinity pools are great for a good soak, but don’t offer the space or depth to swim in.
  • Lap pool: Long and narrow and made for one specific thing, lap pools are the friends of exercise-conscious homeowners looking for a place to burn those calories! These pools are great for swimming end-to-end in and can be a simple addition to a residential property that has an elongated lot.
  • Plunge pool: Not your idea of a regular pool, plunge pools are often small and kept very cold! These pools aren’t for swimming laps or playing Marco Polo—they’re designed for therapy and relaxation. Plunge in after an intense workout to chill your muscles or spend a few moment soaking on a hot day to relieve stress.

Knowing what kind of pool you want and how the design of that pool will benefit you after it’s completed goes a long way towards making sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of the decision to place a pool on your property. Give the list above some thought before you consult with a pool contractor and you might just find yourself pursuing ideas you never even knew were open to you!