Phases of Swimming Pool Construction in Los Angeles, CA

Having a new pool installed on your property is no overnight endeavor—it’s a process that takes a tremendous amount of foresight and planning to go off without a hitch. Working with a pool contractor is essential, since these professionals will know exactly how to proceed smoothly with your swimming pool construction in Los Angeles, CA.

Even in working with a professional contractor it behooves you to know exactly what’s all involved in the construction of your new pool. Knowing what the next phase is, how long it will take to complete, what’s all needed to complete that phase and how it all rolls into the final products means understanding the intricacies of your pool.

Planning and design

Before any ground is broken for your new pool, it’s essential to make sure a sound plan is developed. This means having a contractor out to your home to survey your property, take measurements and conduct a feasibility study. Knowing what’s possible before you dive into pool construction is a core tenant.

Within this first phase you’ll also decide on the type of pool, budget, timeline and start diagramming the finished product. When the planning and design phase comes to an end, you should know what you’re getting, how much it’s going to cost, when work will be completed and what the finished product is going to look like.


Once you’ve got everything in place for what the pool will be, you’ll need to make sure your design and placement are kosher with the city and county you live in, which means permits need to be obtained. There’s a good chance that your pool will also affect the lot value of your property and the value of your home, which means accurately filling out permits to the best of your abilities.

Site prep and layout

This is the phase of swimming pool construction in Los Angeles, CA when the heavy lifting actually begins. Site prep means clearing your land of anything atop the construction area, including trees, shrubs, existing concrete and more. Once the land is clear, contractors and their team will begin laying out your pool’s dimensions, so that digging and shaping can begin. This process usually takes a couple of days, depending on the effort involved.

Excavation and plumbing

Once your site is prepped, digging will commence and the formation of your pool will begin to take shape. At first, it’s just going to be a big hole in the ground, but eventually, plumbing and drainage lines will be laid, giving this hole in the ground some semblance of a pool.

Shell installation, decking and pouring

Through these phases your pool will get the overhaul it needs to look and function like a pool. This is where the bread and butter of swimming pool construction in Los Angeles, CA takes place and when it’s through, the bulk of your installation will be done.

Electrical and finishing

The electrical components of your pool are among the last to be installed and before you can use your pool, it will need to be acid washed and lined. Together, these represent the finishing touches on your pool and when all is said and done, it should look exactly like what was drawn up in the initial planning and design stages, all the way back at the beginning!