Advice from a Swimming Pool Contractor in Los Angeles, CA: Four Fall Pool Maintenance Tips

Fall is prime time for leaves to begin changing color and falling off trees. As pretty as this season is, it can cause a real mess in and around your backyard swimming pool, which is made worse when strong winds are present. But never fear—from pool maintenance to pool damage, here are four fall pool maintenance tips from a local swimming pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Use the pool skimmer: If you haven’t gotten your pool ready for winter quite yet, then you need to continue removing floating debris throughout the fall months. Common types of debris you are likely to skim out are dead leaves, twigs and insects, but without a safety cover, you may even come across small animals—like birds and mice. So, just as you would skim debris out of your pool regularly during the hot summer months, you should plan on doing the same for the fall season. This way, you keep your pool water clean and clear, as well as healthy for people to swim in.
  • Clean out the pool filter: While you must skim the pool’s surface and just below it, there will undoubtedly be debris that will sink to the bottom. This is why it’s important that you remove the bulk of the floating leaves and other debris before it gets the chance to sink. Some, but not all, of the sunken debris is likely to get sucked up into the pool filter, and the filter trap will fill up quickly. After skimming the pool, take the time to clean and inspect the filter so it can work properly. You wouldn’t want the pool to grow algae and birth bugs all fall long.
  • Fix damage to the pool and equipment: Just like when you’re repairing damage to your car or your home’s roof, you will want to move quickly on pool repairs. Inspect your pool inside and outside to look for cracks in the materials and any suspicious marks on equipment. The pool pump can also run into problems and stop working properly when water levels drop due to pool leaks—this can cause damage to the pump over time. It’s important that you fix damage to your swimming pool and equipment, whether you plan to drain it or leave water circulating during the offseason.
  • Repair the pool deck: Perform a close inspection of you pool deck—this is the walking area that borders your swimming pool so you’re not getting out of the water and stepping into dirt. Typically, it’s made of concrete, but it can also be a material like wood or stone. Since even the smallest damage can cause a big problem, look for and repair cracks and chips in the deck material as well as fix missing chunks of any size. Not only does unfixed damage negatively impact your pool’s appearance, it can also be hazardous to people, children and pets walking on it.

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