A Self-Cleaning Pool: Is It Worth It?

When California residents begin to think about installing a pool, they often imagine themselves spending their weekends relaxing poolside with a drink in hand. But as any longtime pool owner will tell you, owning a pool isn’t all fun and games. A pool requires regular maintenance and cleaning in order to stay safe and enjoyable, and new pool owners often underestimate the time and effort required to keep their pool looking its best.

There are several options for pool maintenance: you can do the work yourself, hire a regular pool cleaning contractor, purchase a robot cleaner or invest in a self-cleaning pool. A lot of people find that keeping up with pool maintenance themselves is like a part-time job, but hiring someone can get expensive and you still have to do a lot of work in between cleanings. Having a device to clean your pool is ideal, but which system is best? If you’re looking to invest in new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, going with a self-cleaning pool is your best option, and here’s why.


Pool owners think that a robot cleaner offers a hassle-free solution for keeping their pool clean. The reality is that you have to haul your robot cleaner to the pool, put it in for about three hours and then lug it back into storage. In between cleaning times, your robot cleaner requires maintenance of its own. A self-cleaning pool, however, is always there and constantly cleaning your pool all on its own, so it’s literally an out-of-sight, out-of-mind solution.

A full-circle clean

Unlike a robot cleaner, a self-cleaning pool cleans your whole pool continually from top to bottom. The multiple jets force dirt and debris to the deep end of the pool, where your pool pump sucks them into the drain and disposes of them. This system allows your pool to get a full-circle clean from the surface to the bottom of the deepest end of the pool.


A self-cleaning pool system is custom designed to fit the exact shape and dimensions of your pool. The jet systems, drain, pump and other features are installed along with your pool to obtain a superior clean. A robot cleaner, on the other hand, is a one-size-fits-all solution that will leave parts of any custom-designed pool untouched.

Consistent temperature

The sun heats the water at the surface of your pool, but the water at the bottom tends to remain frigid. A self-cleaning pool system resolves this problem. Because the cleaning system is constantly moving the water at the top of the pool to the bottom and then re-circulating it, the water temperature is able to even out. The end result is a more comfortable swimming experience.

If you’re looking into new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, you should consider making a self-cleaning system part of your design. It will not only offer you a better clean and a more enjoyable swimming experience, but it will also save you money over the lifetime of your pool. Get in touch with Avanti Pools, Inc. today for more information.