Why You Need to Include Automatic Covers in Your Next Pool Construction in Los Angeles, CA

Many people feel that while automatic pool covers might be useful, they are not worth the added expense. If you take a deeper look, though, it becomes clear that automatic covers are a vital part of pool construction in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to saving you money in the long run, you ensure that your family remains safe—something that no price tag can compare to.

Less debris means less cleaning

Less evaporation takes place when a pool cover is in use, which means that not only is water conserved, but you will also have to employ the pool heater less often when the chillier nights move in. With the pool heater in use less often, you will save money on your energy bills, and will spend less in maintenance costs. Your pool will actually require less maintenance overall, as a cover will cut down on the amount of debris that makes its way into the water. With less debris, you will either spend less time cleaning your pool yourself, or less money paying someone to clean the pool for you.

The pumps and motors that power your pool are less likely to run into repair issues because of debris buildup, subsequently extending the life of these mechanisms. You will also need fewer chemicals to keep your pool clean, which is better for the environment and will allow you and your family to enjoy a much more comfortable swim. For indoor pools with covers, with less evaporation taking place, the dehumidification system is not in use as much, which can reduce energy usage by up to 65 percent.

Keep your family safe

When your pool is enclosed with a cover, it is just about impossible for anyone to get into the pool, which limits the chances that someone could drown accidentally. If you have young children or grandchildren who visit frequently, this is a key safety measure for the times when they sneak out of your eyesight. Naturally, if a young child sees a pool their first thought isn’t how dangerous unsupervised swimming can be, but about how much fun they could be having. With a pool cover, the temptation to jump in will be removed. If a child is feeling brave and still wants to jump in despite the cover, there will be no way for them to access enough water to cause them any harm. This extra layer of safety also applies to curious pets, or anyone that could potentially slip and fall in.

It is clear to see that automatic pool covers, while sometimes pricy up front, begin paying for themselves immediately, and are truly an investment worth adding to your pool. If you are beginning a new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, or are looking to add on to what you already have, make sure you call Avanti Pools, Inc. so we can help you take the necessary steps to make sure your family is safe around your pool, whether they’re actually swimming or not.