Six Amazing Pool Design Trends to Watch For in 2017

“What’s new?” seems to be the question we get from many of our clients this time of year. As our list of clients for new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA comes together for the new year, many of our clients want to know what the newest trends are for in-ground pools. We can tell you that 2017 has some exciting design features that are the latest thing for in-ground pools, and we’re pretty excited about them. Just take a look at some of the pool design trends to watch for in 2017:

  • Wet or infinity edges: The infinity or wet edge is when water is allowed to flow freely over the edge of the pool, creating a visual effect of water with no boundary. The infinity edge provides a modern look that flows well into the natural landscape around your pool creating a seamless water oasis.
  • Tanning ledges: A tanning ledge, also known as a sun shelf, is what you often see in pools at resorts. It is a flat, shallow area in your pool that allows you to be in the water while still catching those rays. Tanning ledges are also great for small children or pets.
  • Designs for small spaces: No longer do you need a sprawling backyard in order to have an in-ground pool. Designers have gotten creative when it comes to designing pool layouts for small spaces. In fact, the unique shapes and stylish features of these smaller pools are almost preferable if you are looking for something truly out of the ordinary.
  • Mineral water: As people become more aware of the need to care for our environment, they are embracing eco-friendly solutions, including choosing mineral water over salt and chlorine pools. Mineral water is better for the environment, gentler on your skin and requires less maintenance.
  • Beach entries: This new feature is designed to give you a true seaside experience. The beach entry to your pool is designed to allow a gradual descent into the water. exactly like what you would experience when walking into the open ocean.
  • Open concepts: The interior design trend of open concepts has made its way to the outdoors. Where people use to design their outdoor living spaces as separate areas for eating, playing, swimming and so on, the new trend is to create a smooth transition, not only between your outdoor spaces, but from your indoor space to your outdoor space. To that effect, pools are now being designed with glass partitions or with tile patterns that complement that of your patio or even your interior floors.

At Avanti Pools, Inc., we’re excited to be making these recent trends part of some of our upcoming pool construction in Los Angeles, CA. If you’re thinking of installing an in-ground pool this year and are interested in learning more about some of the amazing pool features mentioned above, feel free to give us a call. We’re always more than happy to get people started on their pool design concepts.