Six Tips for Choosing the Perfect Plants for Your New Pool Oasis

So, you’ve finally been able to install the beautiful in-ground pool that you’ve always dreamed of! The design is perfect, the installation impeccable, but the final product is not quite everything you dreamed it would be. What many new pool owners fail to realize is that even the most stylish and exquisite pool is still just a hole in the ground without the right landscaping.

Landscaping around your pool is the difference between something that looks like the outdoor pool at a hotel and a pool that looks like a lush oasis. However, knowing what type of plants to use around your pool can be challenging. As experts in pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, we know a thing or two about designing backyard havens. Here are six tips for choosing the right plants to create the perfect landscape for your pool:

  • Choose plants that provide some privacy: Pools should be secluded enough that you can relax without worrying about nosy neighbors looking on. The right plants, such as climbing vines or small shrubs, can help you achieve a certain amount of privacy around your pool area.
  • Don’t use plants that have spreading roots: Avoid using plants that are prone to have spreading roots around your pool. Spreading roots from small plants can damage the stone or tiles around the circumference of your pool, and roots from trees can even damage the very foundations of your investment.
  • The plants you choose should like sunlight: The water’s surface reflects light, as do the materials used around your pool. That’s why it’s essential that the plants you choose to put around your pool can handle the heat and the excessive sunlight.
  • Choose plants that can stand up to chlorine: Because chlorine and other chemicals are in pool water, water splashing can cause damage such as bleached leaves, or even slowly kill certain types of plants. You’ll want to use hardy plants that can stand up to a little chemical water every now and then.
  • Don’t choose plants that attract bees: There are two reasons you don’t want bee-attracting plants around your pool. First, you don’t want a lot of bees stinging swimmers or getting in the way of poolside barbecues. Second, bees can also end up drowning in your pool, which is annoying to clean up and also harmful to the ecosystem.
  • Stay away from plants that drop too many leaves: The last thing you want is to have to clean a bunch of leaves out of your pool every day or deal with a frequently clogged filter. Choose plants that aren’t going to be dropping tons of leaves into your pool. Too many leaves just add work for you and your pool system.

Choosing the right plants to create your poolside oasis can be challenging, but with a few pointers from your local experts in pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, you can make your vision of the perfect pool into a reality. Contact Avanti Pools, Inc. today to learn more!