Sanitation Options to Consider for Your New Pool Construction in Los Angeles, CA

Chlorine is frequently used for pool cleaning, but this strong chemical often comes with negative side effects. Here are some sanitation options that you can use with your new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA that can either reduce your chlorine use, or eliminate it altogether:

  • Copper ionization: The copper ionization approach is two-headed. The oxidation process gets rid of all of the organic materials that may not be visible in the water, but could still pose a threat to the condition of your pool. Copper is also added to the pool water in order to sanitize and get rid of all of the remaining types of elements that may be present in your water. After both of these processes take place, the crystal clear water is then pumped back into the pool, ready for you and your family to enjoy. This mixture is particularly effective in keeping algae at bay, and is a good choice if you want a chlorine-free pool, although low levels of chlorine can be used to increase the system’s effeciency if you choose.
  • Ozone with tablet feeder system: Introducing ozone tablets into your pool system is one of the quickest, most powerful ways to sanitize your pool. When ozone is fed into your pool water, it has the ability to destroy multiple types of organisms that are brought to the pool, including bacteria and algae, as well as lotion, sweat and body oils. Ozone will gradually revert back to its natural state of oxygen as it comes into contact with all of these organisms, so it is usually used in conjuction with other chemicals. But because ozone is so effective, by the time you do need to introduce additional chemicals to your pool, most of the work will already be done, allowing you to reduce the usage of these chemicals by up to 70 percent.
  • Salt chlorination: The ionic compound salt is a combination of both sodium and chloride, and these two can work together very efficiently to keep your pool free of harmful contaminants. When salt is added to your pool filter, it is dissolved into the water, and only the chlorine is left. This chlorine, however, is a tamer, more natural form of chlorine than that normally used in pools. It is still more than capable of getting the job done, though, and your pool will still be spotless without experiencing the presence of strong odors or some of the other byproducts that come along with the use of harsh chlorine chemicals. This is a very balanced way to filter your pool’s water, and because of this consistency, very little maintenance will be needed on your part. You can say goodbye to the days of lugging heavy buckets of chlorine back and forth in your backyard, as well as the constant checking of chemical levels in your pool once a week.

To learn more about these sanitation options and find out which one will work best with your new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, contact Avanti Pools, Inc. In addition to in-depth knowledge about these sanitation options, we have experience with pool installations of all different shapes and sizes. Give us a call today so you can get the most out of your new pool!