Get Your Pool Ready for Summer with These Tips from Pool Contractors in Los Angeles, CA

When you first started considering constructing a pool, you probably envisioned hot summer days soaking up the sun and cooling off in a beautiful blue swimming pool. While this vision can be a reality for pool owners, there is a little work involved in getting your pool ready for summer. With a little maintenance and cleaning after winter is over—and some help from your pool contractors in Los Angeles, CA—you can get your pool back in shape and transform it into a true summer oasis right in your backyard:

  • Start early: While post-winter pool maintenance might not be the most appealing item on your to-do list, it’s important not to wait too long to get started. Warm weather provides ideal conditions for bacteria and algae to grow and multiply in your pool. Getting started early prevents excessive algae growth and can save you extra work in getting your pool cleaned up later on.
  • Stock up on all necessary items: Any chemicals you will need, along with a pool skimmer, a brush and water testing strips, should all be on hand when you start getting your pool ready for summer. Having all of the necessary items on hand will save you return trips to a pool supply store and will help your pool cleaning and preparation run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Get your filter running: No matter what the condition of your water is when you start preparing your pool for summer, your first priority should be getting your filter running. Run your filter until the water in your pool is completely clear, and then begin running it on a normal cycle again.
  • Test your water: To get an idea about the condition of your pool water, it’s important to test it. Test kits and test strips can be purchased from a local pool supply store and are essential in determining the condition of your pool water before you can begin using it.
  • Clean your pool cover and store it: In order to prevent any mold, mildew or bacterial growth on your pool cover when it’s not in use, it’s recommended that the pool cover be cleaned as soon as possible after removal from the pool. For a thorough cleaning, lay your cover out on a flat surface and use a brush and soap to scrub the entire cover before storing it. It’s best to store your pool cover in a plastic container with a lid so that it is protected from dust and damage while it is not in use.

While pool cleaning is never a particularly pleasant chore, you can make the process easier on yourself with help from pool contractors in Los Angeles, CA. Avanti Pools, Inc. has been providing customers with the best in pool design and construction as well as sanitation systems that help maintain crystal clear water in your swimming pool. As trusted pool contractors in Los Angeles, CA, we are dedicated to providing each of our customers with the best service possible. For more information about our wide range of services, contact us today!