Bring Your Family Together This Summer with Help from a Pool Designer in Los Angeles, CA

As the temperatures continue to rise in Los Angeles and summer heat is in full swing, your family is going to want a way to cool off and have fun. Adding a pool to your home is a great way to relieve the summer heat and provide your family with an exciting way to spend time together!

Nothing beats lazy summer days with your kids lounging around the pool, playing games, splashing and laughing in the cool water. A pool designer in Los Angeles, CA can help you turn this fun summer dream into a reality by building you the perfect pool for your family.

If you decide that installing a pool is a good way to bring your family together, you’re going to want to keep a few things in mind. Speak with a pool designer in Los Angeles, CA about these few options to make the pool for your family beautiful, safe and exciting:

  • Depth: The depth of your pool is a big thing to keep in mind as you’re planning. If you have a family with small children, installing a graduated pool with a shallow end will allow both the adults and kids to have fun together and gives the little ones a safer place to play. If your family is older or more adept at swimming, you might opt for a deeper pool.
  • Overall size: The size of your pool is also a major choice. While you’re obviously bound by the size of your yard or by city regulations, you should also consider whether the size of your pool can accommodate toys. Floaties, inner tubes and water toys make for great family fun and get the kids excited, but only if your pool is big enough to use them in!
  • Placement and gating: If you have younger members of the family, be sure to consider where you place the pool or if you will install gates or fences around the area. Placement is important to ensure the safety of your family and to prevent falls and slips. Speak with your pool designer in Los Angeles, CA for their expert opinion on how to keep your family safe around the pool area.
  • Special features: You also may consider installing special features like automatic covers or self-cleaning systems in your pool. Automatic covers are great for containing heat, meaning the pool will be more comfortable for the family to swim in, and can help prevent children from falling in. Self-cleaning systems allow you to spend less time cleaning the pool and more time playing and having fun with your family.

A pool can be a wonderful addition to your home if you have a family and want to spend more time together in the hot summer sun. Pool games, floaties and toys are extras that can provide hours of entertainment for the entire family.

Interested in installing a pool for your family? Call Avanti Pools, Inc. today. We are a pool designer in Los Angeles, CA with over 15 years of experience installing beautiful pools and spas that exceed client expectations. Don’t hesitate to bring fun to your family this summer!