Four Reasons to Install a Pool for Summer Family Gatherings

There’s no better time of year to bring the whole family together than in the summer. The kids are out of school, the weather is gorgeous and the days are long. Family cookouts in the park or backyard are great, but the best way to spend time together is by a pool. Unfortunately, going to a public swimming pool can be a disaster if you’re trying to get together with your whole family. There’s simply not enough room for everyone to enjoy themselves at a public pool.

If you want to spend quality time with your family by a pool, your best bet is to speak with a contractor about new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of installing a pool for family gatherings:

  • Everyone can cool off: While we all love summer, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it’s almost unbearably hot much of the time. The quickest way to cool down is by hopping in the water, but if you’re at a public pool, finding a place to get in can be difficult. That’s not the case if you have your own pool in your yard! The whole family can get in the pool at once to cool down and have a good time.
  • Personal space: Public pools aren’t just overcrowded in the water—the pool decks are also always full of people hogging all of the chairs and picnic tables. If you have a large family, finding a spot for everyone to sit together during the day is often impossible at a public pool. That’s not the case if you stay home and relax in your own private oasis! Everyone will be able to sit near each other in their own chairs when you stay home and spend time at your family pool.
  • More pool activities: While simply swimming back in forth and playing Marco Polo are both fun activities, they can get boring after a while. This is especially the case for kids who have short attention spans. One of the easiest ways to end swimming pool boredom is by installing a diving board or basketball hoop during new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA. Playing basketball in the pool and going off the diving board sometimes isn’t an option at a public pool, but it will be at the pool in your backyard!
  • Pool deck fun: Some folks just don’t like getting wet. For these people, spending a day at the public pool isn’t the ideal way to bond as a family. You can reconcile individual differences by hanging out together at your private pool. People who love swimming can splash in the water, and relatives who’d rather be on dry land can have fun on your customized pool deck. The options are limitless when it comes to designing your own pool area.

Don’t host one more family gathering without a pool in your backyard. Give Avanti Pools, Inc. a call today to learn more about new pool construction in Los Angeles, CA and to schedule a consultation.