Three Health Benefits of Swimming Pool Exercises

From the instant we first learn how to swim, it seems as if almost everyone is infatuated with being in the water. Whether it’s because folks like cooling off during a hot day, or because it’s a great workout, people love swimming! As a pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA, we know that buying a pool due to the associated health benefits is one of the top reasons homeowners choose to install a pool at their home. Keep reading to learn more about pool exercises:

  • Build muscle: It’s safe to say that everybody would like to be stronger than they already are. Maybe people don’t want Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles, but they’d like to be a bit stronger to look better and to be more physically fit. Unfortunately, traditional weightlifting can be difficult and sometimes even dangerous for people who try to lift too much at once. Swimming in a pool is a great way to build muscle in a safe environment. Water can be up to 42 times more resistant than air, which makes swimming a natural weight-training machine. The proof is in the pudding—just check out the muscles on Michael Phelps and other Olympic swimmers!
  • Weight loss: It should come as no surprise that our country has an obesity epidemic. Far too many Americans are overweight, and many times it’s because of a lack of exercise. Because swimming is such a great form of exercise, people who install a pool are far less likely to be obese. If someone is overweight to begin with, swimming’s health benefits can help reduce their weight. Because water is more resistant than air, swimming requires more effort than running for a workout. For this reason, swimming for the same amount of time as jogging should burn more calories. In a study conducted by Texas A&M regarding weight loss, participants lost a higher percentage of body fat swimming than they did exercising on land. Contact a pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA to learn more about burning fat in your new pool!
  • Injury rehab: When it comes to getting back on one’s feet after suffering an injury or going through surgery, there’s no better way to rehab than in a swimming pool. When patients are in shoulder-deep water, they only have to support 10 percent of their normal body weight. That makes it less stressful on injured bones, joints and muscles. This, in turn, helps patients bounce back quicker than they would if they were just rehabbing on land. Additionally, rehabbing in a pool helps patients build muscle back more quickly. As mentioned above, lifting weights in a pool is much easier than on land. Patients who have been in the hospital for a while may have atrophied muscles and can’t lift weights as well as they once could.

All in all, swimming is just one of the best ways to get fit while also having fun. Speak with a pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA from Avanti Pools, Inc. today to get the pool installation process started in your backyard!