Self-Cleaning Pools Are More Affordable and Cost-Effective Than You Think!

The benefits of self-cleaning pools are not talked about nearly enough, because most people assume that this added convenience will cost too much money. With help from a pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA, let’s take a look at a few of the benefits this type of system offers. With luck, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your pool ever again!

Save on maintenance costs

Hiring a pool cleaner for weekly cleaning could cost you anywhere from $75 to $165 a month for four visits. If you decided to take on the cleaning maintenance yourself, it would cost you around $100 every month for the chemicals, as well as the cost of any additional equipment you might need, such as test kits, skimmers and brushes. While these prices might not seem like a lot by themselves, when you add up all these costs at the end of each swimming season, they can easily take the joy out of pool ownership very quickly.

Efficient circulation

The cleaning that this type of system provides is important enough in itself, but it is just as important that the system also circulates the water in your pool to keep the water fresh and safe at all times for you and your family. Because the water on the top of your pool is affected the most by the sun’s rays, this part of the water is usually the most comfortable, and you might find that the temperatures below the surface are much different.

With the circulation afforded by a self-cleaning pool, the clean, warm water from the top of your pool will be circulated throughout the entire pool with greater frequency. This will allow you to run your pool heater less often during the cooler months, while also limiting how much money you have to spend on expensive cleaning chemicals.

Not nearly as expensive as you think

Not only is the installation of a self-cleaning pool system not nearly as expensive as most people might expect, but the money you will save over the lifespan of your pool will help pay for the installation costs in short order. You won’t have to worry about paying a pool cleaner to come to your house to get all of the debris out of your pool every week, nor will you have to worry about taking care of this maintenance yourself.

The cost-effectiveness and convenience of a self-cleaning pool system far outweighs the initial installation costs, and you will quickly realize how sound of an investment the system actually is. If you are ready to have a pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA add a self-cleaning system that begins paying for itself with each use, contact the team at Avanti Pools, Inc. today. We have experience in adding self-cleaning systems to pools of all kinds, and we are ready to take the burden off of you and make sure that your pool is as clean and safe as it can possibly be. Get in touch right away to learn more!