Why You Should Consider Adding a Sanitation System to Your Pool

Pools are great for relaxing, staying active and having fun with family and friends. However, they take quite a lot of time and energy to maintain. Without the right mix of cleaning and chemicals, your pool can easily become overrun with bacteria and algae that can make you and your family sick after swimming.

Chlorine is one of the most commonly used chemicals when cleaning pools, but many people are starting to avoid using such harsh chemicals because of their effects and price. Fortunately, chemicals aren’t the only way to keep your pool clean.

Instead of using chemical treatments to clean your pool, consider working with a pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA to install a sanitation system in your pool.

Different types of pool sanitation systems

There are a lot of different options when it comes to selecting a sanitation system for your home’s pool. Some are chlorine-free, while others are not. Speak with your pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA to see what kind of systems they offer and which will be right for your pool:

  • Titanium oxidation with copper ionization: Ionization-oxidation systems use metal ions like copper and zinc to sanitize your pool of bacteria and algae. The system also oxidizes the water, which helps further break down and remove organic waste in your pool water. This system can operate entirely chlorine free.
  • Ozone with tablet feeder systems: The compound ozone is very effective at killing bacteria and other pool water contaminants. It is perfectly safe for use in the pool and can drastically reduce the amount of chemicals needed to treat your pool.
  • Saline/salt systems: Saltwater systems utilize the compound of salt, which is made of sodium and chloride atoms. Saltwater systems introduce much lower levels of chlorine by breaking down salt in water, resulting in a sanitized pool.

Benefits of sanitation systems

There are numerous benefits to relying on pool sanitation systems instead of chemical treatments you have to add yourself, such as:

  • Saving money: Chemical treatments you have to purchase at pool supply stores can add up over time. You will also occasionally need special chemicals to treat specific cleanliness problems in your pool. On top of that, think of how many chemicals can get spilled or wasted due to improper use. All of these things can get costly over time, compared to an investment in a sanitation system that can reduce costs in the long run.
  • Spending less time cleaning: You’ll love hanging out next to the pool to relax, but taking extra time to measure and add chemicals and clean your pool every day can get tiresome. Sanitation systems are extremely low maintenance, meaning you can spend less time cleaning and more time actually enjoying your pool.
  • Using fewer harsh chemicals: High levels of chlorine in pools can result in irritated eyes, dry skin, brittle hair and damage to swimwear. Many pool owners have complained of chlorine’s negative side effects, so minimizing the need for harsh chemicals can mitigate these problems and let you enjoy swimming that much more.

If you’re interested in adding a sanitation system to your pool, call Avanti Pools, Inc. We are a premier pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA that can design and build your ideal custom pool. Call today to learn about our additional services and pool features.