The Process of Working with a Pool Designer in Los Angeles, CA

Pools make a marvelous addition to any home. Not only are they fun and relaxing for the entire family, but they can also dramatically increase your home’s value and make neighbors envious of your beautiful backyard. Many homeowners toy with the idea of building a pool for their home, but they don’t always know where to start.

Understanding the pool design and construction process is important so that, when you start, you have clear expectations about how your pool will come to life. Pool construction can be time-consuming, so being on the same page as your pool designer in Los Angeles, CA is a helpful way to begin.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with a pool construction company to build your dream pool.

Step 1: Meet with the designer

To start off the process, you’ll want to hire a pool designer in Los Angeles, CA to discuss ideas for your pool that will fit within your home’s yard. Working with a custom pool designer can help you come up with creative ideas you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Step 2: Finalize designs

After your meeting, the designer will come up with a detailed plan for your pool and show you a mock-up to approve. If you like the design and want to move ahead, the designs will be finalized and pre-construction will begin.

During this time, your pool construction company will be finalizing permits and any necessary approvals with your state and city before construction begins.

Step 3: Excavation

Once construction is ready to begin, the pool company will come to your home and create a layout on the ground for your pool. Next, excavation will begin. This involves removing all soil, plants, rocks and materials from the ground where your pool will be. It will look like a messy hole to start with, but the formation of your pool has officially begun!

Step 4: Framing

Next, the construction company will frame your pool with steel bars that cross over each other within the hole. This creates a strong foundation for your pool that will last for years to come.

Step 5: Plumbing and electrical

With the steel frame in place, your pool designers will begin placing the plumbing and electrical lines in and around the pool. This includes piping and wiring for all filtration systems, skimmers, jets and other features you selected to have in your pool.

Step 6: Gunite application and tiling

Next, your pool will really begin to take shape with the installation of gunite, a mixture of rock, sand and cement. Gunite is blasted into the frame of the pool to create a solid shell.

Tile will also be added around the pool’s perimeter at this stage, as well as coping.

Step 7: Equipment setup

With your pool beginning to look like an actual pool, the construction crew will begin to set up your pool filtration and pumping equipment, attaching it to the plumbing lines they installed earlier in the process.

Lights and other electrical features will also be set up during this stage.

Step 8: Decking and extras

If you want a deck or other decorative features like waterfalls around your pool, your pool designer will begin to construct those as they prepare to finish the pool installation.

Step 9: Interior

Once everything on the outside of your pool has been finished, the pool construction crew will install your desired choice of pool interior coatings.

Step 10: Fill

With the interior of your pool complete, it’s time to fill it! Water will be pumped into your pool, and the equipment will be double checked to get it up and running. Once the pool is filled and treated with chemicals or sanitized, it’s ready for use!

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