How Can I Create Shade Around My Pool?

Pools are all about the sunshine. Think about the hours spent tanning on a lounge chair next to the pool or splashing around in the warm water. Pools are a hallmark of the sunny summer months. But too much sun can be a bad thing. Prolonged exposure can leave the water feeling more like a Jacuzzi than a pool, and the harsh rays of the sun could cause a sunburn, which increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Because of this, many pool owners are working with custom pool builders in Los Angeles, CA to identify shade solutions for both in and around the water.

Luckily, today’s shade structures can provide some much-needed relief without sacrificing the ambience and style of the pool. Some permanent structures can even help increase your property value. Consider these six shade options:

  • Smart placement: Strategically placing the pool in the shade is both smart and cost efficient. Pay attention to where the sun lands throughout the day in the planned pool spot. This will help you determine which areas get the most sun and the spots that might get too much shade. Remember that the angle of the sun will change throughout the year.
  • Umbrella: There’s a reason the classic umbrella has been a poolside staple for decades. Umbrellas are a great option for those who want an easily movable and flexible solution, as they can be moved throughout the day as needed. Unfortunately, many people shy away from this classic as they tend to be unattractive when closed.
  • Shade trees: Trees can add shade, privacy and ambience to a backyard pool. The only downside is that it can take years for a shade tree to grow to full size, and it will likely drop leaves into the pool. Consult your custom pool builder in Los Angeles, CA and a landscaping expert to make sure the roots will not spread and threaten the structural integrity of the pool.
  • Pergolas: Create shade and ambience with a pergola. The structure controls the amount of light over the part of the pool it covers. Adding a pergola can also enhance the overall appearance of a backyard, and may even boost your property value.
  • Shade sails: Shade sails have surged in popularity recently due to their modern appearance and effectiveness. The shades cane be placed in a variety of different angles to create a unique upscale aesthetic reminiscent of a swanky resort pool. Use one or two shades to cover a small area, or opt for several shades over the entire length of the pool.
  • Retractable canopies: A retractable canopy is the most effective and comprehensive shade option available. The canopy runs across the pool along beams placed between a series of supports. The canopy can retract or expand with the simple press of a button. This option can be a bit pricy, but it will have a high return when it’s time to sell the home.

A custom pool builder in Los Angeles, CA can help determine the best shade option when creating your new pool. Call Avanti Pools, Inc. today to learn more!