Five Reasons Homeowners Should Have Pool Covers in Los Angeles, CA

If you have a backyard swimming pool, you might question whether you really need a pool cover—especially if you already have a pool gate installed. Some people don’t want one because they think it will make their pool look ugly, or they use the pool so often there’s no point in covering it. Others find manual covers too bulky and awkward to handle. Regardless of your feelings toward pool covers, though, there are several reasons you might want to consider investing in one. Topping the list are concerns about safety, followed by keeping the pool water clean and retaining the heat in heated pools.

There’s a lot of responsibility associated with owning a pool, including upkeep and ensuring everyone’s safety. With this in mind, let’s review five important reasons why homeowners with swimming pools should invest in pool covers in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Keep it clean: When you use the right kind of pool cover, a lot of debris is blocked from falling into the water. The most common types of debris found in pools are leaves, twigs, cut grass, dust and pollen particles and insects, all of which can dirty pool water and clog filters. Pool covers stop debris from blowing into pools, minimizing the time homeowners will have to dedicate to cleaning out their pools.
  • Increase safety: Quality pool covers made of sturdy fiberglass mesh are designed to prevent people and animals from falling into the water, so long as they’re installed and attached properly. Make sure you research possible covers, because while some fiberglass mesh covers are made to hold up to 400 pounds per square foot, others may not be as strong. Note that these types of covers are heavy and need to be used with a manual or automatic track system.
  • Save water: Swimming pools lose heat and water energy, but the biggest loss is due to water evaporation. The rate of evaporation varies depending on factors such as air temperature, pool water temperature and the humidity and wind speed at the surface of the pool. Luckily, a pool cover can slow down or stop water evaporation so you don’t have to refill the pool as often.
  • Protect it from winter: Winter pool covers, also called mesh pool covers, are used to close your pool during the swimming offseason, when leaves drop and winds start blowing garbage and yard debris around. These winter pool covers are durable, but cannot do their job if they’re not installed correctly.
  • Retain heat: The best way to reduce heat loss in a heated swimming pool is to cover it. This keeps the water warm for late night swimming sessions, and can even allow for swimming year-round. And a pool that is not heated and instead relies on the sun for heat can be kept warm under a cover overnight through temperature drops. Whether you’re interested in vinyl, solar or other materials, talk to a pool expert about your options.

If you want your pool to be cleaner, warmer and safer, consider looking at pool covers in Los Angeles, CA. Don’t hesitate to call Avanti Pools, Inc. for more information!