Perimeter Overflow Pools vs. Infinity Pools in Los Angeles, CA

Modern pool designs offer sleek, contemporary options. Two popular designs are the perimeter overflow pool and the infinity pool. Which is better? That depends on whom you ask. Both can be great options for those looking to add ambience and appeal to their property. If you’re weighing perimeter overflow pools vs. infinity pools in Los Angeles, CA, use the following guide.

This basic overview of each pool’s features and maintenance concerns can help you decide which style would be best for your setting and use. For additional insight, consult with your local pool professionals.

Perimeter Overflow Pools vs. Infinity Pools in Los Angeles, CA – Design

  • Perimeter overflow: A perimeter overflow pool features hidden slots or catch basins on all four sides into which the water flows. This steady stream is recycled back into the pool. The constant and consistent flow gives a glass-like appearance to the water. It looks as if it is contained without walls. Typically, dark interiors are used in the design of a perimeter overflow pool to enhance the mirror-like surface effect. Additional water features are not added to the design, since this would interfere with the water flow and break up the smooth surface of the pool.
  • Infinity: Infinity pools are similar to perimeter overflow pools, but the water does not flow over all edges. Typical designs feature one side of the pool where water flows over the edge. The goal of the design is to create a visual effect of boundless waters on that side of the pool. This technique is often used when a pool faces a larger body of water or an open skyline. The infinity design causes the edge of the pool to merge with the backdrop for a dramatic, seamless look.

Perimeter Overflow Pools vs. Infinity Pools in Los Angeles, CA – Maintenance

  • Perimeter overflow: The water in a perimeter overflow pool is constantly sucked into the perimeter and recirculated. As the water gets pulled into the tank, the edges act as constant skimmers. Due to this circulation, the pool does not require skimming. Instead, the tank must be cleaned periodically to remove debris.
  • Infinity: With an infinity pool design, the water only spills over the edge on one side. While this helps keep the water skimmed, it is not sufficient to keep the entire pool clean. Portions of the pool may not circulate toward the edge. These areas can accumulate leaves and other debris on the surface. As a result, skimming must be used as a supplemental cleaning mechanism for infinity pools. There may also be times when the pool owner doesn’t use the infinity edge. During these off seasons, a skimmer should be used to clean the entire surface of the pool.

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