The FAQ on Solar Heating for Pools in Los Angeles, CA

The sun always seems to be shining in Southern California. This makes solar heating for pools in Los Angeles, CA a feasible option for pool owners. Is this solution right for you? Perhaps you’ve never considered this option.

Use the following FAQ to familiarize yourself with solar heating for pools in Los Angeles, CA. Then, consult with your local pool professionals to determine the possibilities for your pool.

How does solar heating for pools work?

Solar pool heating systems typically contain four basic design elements. A solar collector is the device through which the water flows and is heated by the sun. The filter clears away debris from the water before it enters the collector. A pump pushes the water through the filter and recirculates it back into the pool. A flow control valve, which can be automatic or manual, diverts the pool water to the collector.

These components work together to circulate the water into the collector for heating. The system can also be used to cool water by moving the water through the collector at night.

Is my setting suitable for solar pool heating?

If you’re considering a solar pool heating system, you should first determine if your site offers sufficient sun energy. Fortunately, these systems use both direct and diffuse solar radiation. This means settings that don’t receive constant sun may still be suitable for solar pool heating.

The main things to consider are the amount of shade your site has and what direction it faces. If your site has unshaded areas and faces south, it’s probably a good setting for solar heating for pools in Los Angeles, CA. To confirm, consult with a local pool expert, who can perform a site analysis for you.

Does solar heating for pools require a lot of maintenance?

The key to minimizing maintenance is to ensure the system is installed properly at the outset. After quality installation, your system should run smoothly for 10 to 20 years with little maintenance required.

If you keep the pool’s chemical balance and filtering system operating optimally, the solar heating system should not add significant maintenance tasks to your pool upkeep. Systems that feature glazed collectors may require occasional cleaning of the collector if rain showers are too infrequent to keep it rinsed. Your local pool professionals can also provide tips and services to help keep your pool well maintained.

Who should I contact to install solar heating for pools?

If you decide that solar heating for pools in Los Angeles, CA could be a good option for your setting, it’s important to partner with the right professionals for installation. Look for experts who are certified and have experience with this type of project.

Contact Your Local Solar Experts

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