Get to Know Some Top Swimming Systems

Choosing the right swimming system for your home means taking stock of what type of swimming you desire and finding which option will best need your needs. On top of general swimming needs, however, there are many other features that different brands offer that could sway your decision. It can be useful to do a direct comparison between several models so you can make the most educated decision possible.

If you’re looking for current systems, swim-in-place systems or swim jets in Los Angeles, CA, check out this handy guide below to the main features for three competing systems: Speck’s Badu SwimJet system, Endless Pools’ Fastlane system and Riverflow’s current systems:

  • Badu SwimJet system: The equipment for this swim system is set up outside of the pool, but nearby. The jets create a high-turbulence environment that is not conducive to great swimming. They can also be loud while operating and require a restart to adjust the speed. One benefit of the SwimJet system, however, is that it’s compatible with salt water, if you prefer that option. The company also offers a one-year warranty on its equipment.
  • Fastlane system: The Fastlane equipment is placed inside the pool, which could be convenient if you’re short on backyard space. It rates well for swimmability, though it’s loud when operating. And though you can adjust current speeds, they are preset for the user, which cuts down on options. This company offers a two-year warranty on its products, but this would be voided if the owner used salt water, as the system is not compatible with it.
  • Riverflow current system: This system offers a great deal of benefits that other systems might not have. First, the actual equipment is set up away from the pool area, which means you don’t need to worry about having any unsightly mechanical pieces out in the open. Second, it offers an environment that is quiet and very swimmable, making for a relaxing approach to fitness. You have fully adjustable speeds as well, allowing for more flexibility than other current systems in Los Angeles, CA. Finally, you can use salt water with this product, which is covered by a five-year warranty.

There are lots of options for current systems, swim jets and swim-in-place systems in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas. With all the different choices, it can be extremely useful to speak to a knowledgeable representative about what would be best for your space and your needs. If you’re in the market for this type of investment, look no further than Avanti Pools, Inc., a locally owned and operated retailer of pools and spas. We have spent the last 20 years providing the local community with exceptional products and customer service.

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