Examples of Kid-Friendly Swimming Pool Features in Los Angeles, CA

If you are preparing to install a new pool and have children in your family, it’s important to remember that the pool isn’t just for you—in fact, the pool will give your kids countless hours of fun and laughter out in the sun. Therefore, it only makes sense to install some kid-friendly swimming pool features in Los Angeles, CA, in addition to adding on all the features and design elements you’re looking for in a pool.

Here are a few examples of some features that kids love in swimming pools:

  • Waterslides: This might be the most universal kid-approved swimming pool feature you’ll find. What kid doesn’t get a kick out of sliding down into a pool? Add this feature into the deep end of your pool and you’ll quickly find that your kids cannot get enough of it. These slides come in a wide variety of shapes, from straight to spiral and more. Just make sure it meets all appropriate safety standards before you install it in your pool!
  • Waterfalls: Waterfalls add a natural, aesthetically pleasing touch to your pool, as well as a bit of “wow” factor. It will also be a part of your pool that your kids really love. Young children especially love to watch falling water, and if you can add in a cave, your kids will be able to use it as a special clubhouse.
  • Jet streams: All pools have some jet features beneath the surface as part of their basic mechanical design, but you can also add jet streams of water that shoot into your pool from a nearby wall, or that shoot up in to the air in an arc from the corner. Depending on the design you go with, you might even add some fiber optic lights to make these jet streams even more fun at nighttime. Kids love watching and playing with these jet streams.
  • Diving board: If your pool is deep enough, and if you’re comfortable with your kids diving into your pool, you can add on a classic diving board. The diving board is always a hit at pool parties, and it also gives kids an opportunity to learn some simple dives, jumps and flips, ramping up the fun and excitement associated with private swimming pools.
  • Raised walls: Raised walls might not exactly be the same thing as diving boards, but they do give kids a great place to jump into the pool and execute a great cannonball. These walls can also add a little privacy and can be an aesthetically pleasing add-on feature to your swimming pool.
  • Basketball hoop: There are plenty of basketball hoops you can find on the market that are designed specifically for swimming pools, and you can bet that kids and grown adults alike will love playing with it.
  • Volleyball net: The same thing goes for volleyball nets as basketball hoops. Get a swimming pool-specific volleyball net that stretches across the pool and enjoy some aquatic volleyball with your friends and family. The kids will love it!

For more tips about swimming pool features in Los Angeles, CA that are great for kids, contact the team at Avanti Pools, Inc. today!