How Safe Is Your Pool?

Although pools are commonly thought to be a fun, family-friendly source of summer activity, they can also be extremely dangerous, especially if you have small children. Building and maintaining a safe pool is essential to preventing accidents and injuries. But when’s the last time you thought, “How safe is my pool, really?”

There are a number of important pool features you can include in your new or existing pool in order to make it a safer, more secure place. Railings, decks and automatic pool covers in Los Angeles, CA can make a world of a difference in keeping your children, pets and friends safe.

Examine the risks

Take time each year when you open your pool to examine the potential safety risks your pool poses. Are there open edges that people can easily fall off? Are there hard surfaces that might be slipping hazards? Can small children access the pool easily?

If you’re installing a new pool, sit down with your pool designer to discuss safety risks and what kinds of features you can add to remove them from the start.

Taking time to identify the potential risks can help you determine what kind of safety measures you need to implement to keep everyone safe. Don’t skip over this important element of pool preparation!

Ways to improve safety

There are many things you can install or build into a pool to make it safer for everyone:

  • Railings, gates and decks: Railings and decks can make it a little harder for children and pets to access the poolside, meaning you can avoid accidental slips and falls that could lead to drowning. Adding a fence and gate around an inground pool can keep those who aren’t safe out, and decks can raise the access level of the pool so little ones have a harder time getting near.
  • Automatic pool covers: Automatic pool covers in Los Angeles, CA are another great way to keep your pool safe. These covers can provide a hard-shelled layer of protection over the entirety of your pool with a press of a button, keeping the water clean and people and pets safer. Automatic covers are not only safe, but also offer other benefits, such as cleanliness and cost savings.
  • Supervision areas: Is your pool designed in such a way that you can easily see it from the places you spend the most time in your backyard? During the design phase, ensure that you’ll be able to monitor the pool from your back patio or deck, windows or garden. This allows you to supervise the pool with ease and avoid any “blind spots” where trouble may go unnoticed.

At Avanti Pools, Inc., we’re dedicated to helping pool owners make their pools and spas as safe as possible. Using our more than 60 years of combined experience, we’ll design and install the pool of your dreams, complete with safety features like automatic pool covers in Los Angeles, CA. Call us today to explore our many pool features and pool and spa designs, or to get a quote.