How Self-Cleaning Pools Can Improve Your Summer

It’s officially summer, and anyone who owns a pool knows that now’s the perfect time to unroll the cover, inflate the pool floaties and take a dip. Unfortunately, there’s also a less enjoyable side to owning and enjoying a pool: cleaning it.

Get ready to spend hours each week scrubbing, sifting and adding chemicals to your pool to keep its sides, floor and water clean and safe for swimming in. Nobody likes a dirty pool, but we’re willing to bet you don’t like spending time or money on pool cleaning, either.

If you’re building a pool to enjoy this summer, consider adding a self-cleaning system to it! Self-cleaning pools in Los Angeles, CA are convenient and cost-effective, and they offer a ton of benefits for all kinds of pool owners.

What to know about self-cleaning pools

Most self-cleaning pool systems are built into the floor of your pool. They use a series of strategically placed water jets to blow away debris and grime from the pool floor, steps and sides and send the dirt toward the filters.

These jets can retract into the pool floor to create a seamless, clean appearance that won’t interrupt you while you swim.

Self-cleaning pools in Los Angeles, CA are fast, easy and efficient. They are known to clean away almost all dirt and grime without the need for scrubbing robots, hoses and hassle.

Get ready for a better summer when you buy a self-cleaning pool system

Self-cleaning pools come with a bunch of benefits that can make your summer easier and more fun! Enjoy peace of mind and less work when you have a self-cleaning system installed:

  • Saves chemicals: Chemicals are necessary to keep your swimming pool clean and free of algae and other growth. Without an effective cleaning system, these things can accumulate, requiring more chemicals and more money.
  • Maintains even temperature: Because self-cleaning pools circulate water in order to sweep dirt and debris into filters, it maintains a consistent flow of water throughout the entire pool. This means that, if you have a heating system, you’ll have more even heating in all areas of the pool and maybe even be able to cut some costs there.
  • Cost effective: Self-cleaning pools do require an investment up front, but they turn out to be quite cost effective in the long run. This is because you are able to reduce the cost of other cleaning materials, including vacuums and robots, cleaning services and even chemicals. All of those costs add up over time, especially since your pool will be a part of your home for years.
  • No more cleaning: Most importantly, the biggest and best benefit self-cleaning pools offer you is freedom from cleaning! You won’t have to spend time each day scrubbing or vacuuming your pool before you use it. All you’ll have to do is get ready to swim and dive in to your freshly cleaned, crystal-clear pool.

If you’re interested in building a self-cleaning pool in Los Angeles, CA, call Avanti Pools, Inc.! We are experienced pool contractors with over 60 years of combined experience building custom pools and spas.