How Do Solar Heated Pools in Los Angeles, CA Work?

If you enjoy using your pool throughout the year, you probably know that heating the water can get pretty expensive, especially when temperatures start to dip during the winter months. If you want to continue enjoying your pool throughout the year, but also want to save money on pool heating, you should consider solar heated pools in Los Angeles, CA. Read on to find out more about how these pools work and what benefits they offer.

Solar heated pool basics

The water in solar heated pools is heated with a solar energy collection system that’s mounted on the roof of a home, garage or pool house. This system contains a series of tubes, flow control valves and sensors that are all designed to ensure effective and precise pool heating. Pool water is pumped up into the solar energy collection system, where it is warmed using thermal energy. Flow control valves and sensors in the system keep the temperature of the pool water balanced as outdoor temperatures fluctuate.

Investing in solar heated pools in Los Angeles, CA

While solar heated pool systems require a sizable upfront investment, they can also save you a significant amount of money on energy over time. In addition, having a solar heating system installed can help boost the overall value and appeal of your home if you ever choose to sell. Transitioning to a solar heated pool system is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while saving money on energy costs.

Existing pools can be outfitted with solar heating systems so that pool owners can save money and improve the energy efficiency of their pool. The cost of these systems can vary widely, from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. For an accurate quote for your situation, you will need to consult with a pool construction contractor who specializes in solar heated pools in Los Angeles, CA.

Solar energy collection systems have to be designed with custom specifications based on the particular pool that’s being heated. The size of the system, as well as where it’s installed and its placement and orientation in relation to the pool, will all vary based on the unique characteristics of your property. To develop a solar collection system that works for your pool, you need to work with a contractor who specializes in designing, developing and installing these systems. They will be able to provide you with customized services that are tailor made to meet your specific needs.

Learn more about solar heated pools in Los Angeles, CA

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