Understanding Self-Cleaning Pools in Los Angeles, CA

Swimming pool owners have a lot of responsibilities. It’s up to you to keep the water and pool chemicals balanced, put in safety features and perform regular maintenance. If the thought of having to clean it all the time is holding you back from installing a brand-new swimming pool, then a pool cleaning system may be right for you. These systems are designed to clean on their own so you don’t have to.

Want more info? Read on for a better understanding of self-cleaning pools in Los Angeles, CA.

What are self-cleaning swimming pools?

A self-cleaning pool is powered by an in-floor cleaning system. It is an automatic and integrated cleaning system that’s built into the bottom of your swimming pool. The majority of these systems consist of a pump, pop-up rotating heads, a canister for collecting high volumes of debris and a main pool drain with another debris intake.

Here’s how self-cleaning pool systems work. Once activated, the rotating heads come up from the bottom of the pool and begin spraying jets of water. This pressure is needed to remove dirt, algae and other debris from the pool’s surface. Next, water circulates through the filter to remove contaminants from your pool. The final result is crystal-clear water to swim in.

Smart pools vs. traditional pools

The traditional way to clean swimming pools is the “eyeball and skimmer” method. This cleaning system pushes water across the top of your pool into a skimmer, which then feeds it through a filter and into a pump. Finally, the water is pushed back into your pool through the system’s eyeball return jets. While a traditional skimmer system can circulate a great volume of water in about eight hours, it may not circulate through the whole pool.

A more effective way to clean your pool is by installing a smart pool system. Self-cleaning pools in Los Angeles, CA offer a modern, less taxing way to maintain a clean swimming pool. Built into the bottom of the pool are in-floor nozzles that work to push water around your pool in a circular pattern. This ensures all the water in the pool is constantly moving, so water at the top is eventually circulated to the bottom.

The benefits of in-floor cleaning systems

Self-cleaning pools offer a host of benefits, including warmer water and the even dispersal of bacteria-killing chemicals and more:

  • Automatic cleaning: There’s no need to set reminders to clean your pool or take time out of your day for this task. The auto system remembers and does all the work for you.
  • Improved water circulation: In-floor jets circulate the water to ensure even chemical and temperature distribution.
  • No equipment: This type of system is installed inside the pool, which means no hoses, cords or equipment cluttering your pool area.
  • Not visible: The jets are virtually invisible because they’re flush with the pool’s surface.

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