What Time of Year Is Best for in-Ground Pool Construction in Los Angeles, CA?

So, you’re finally ready for that pool you have always wanted. You’ve chosen a prime spot and looked at your design options, and now all you need to do is hire a builder to complete your dream pool project. Right?

Not quite. It’s important to note that knowing you want to install a swimming pool in your backyard is just one step of the whole process. In addition to this, and creating a budget, you also need to pick a construction start date. Considering your schedule is one thing, but there are some uncontrollable conditions that can get in the way of your pool being built within your desired timeframe—namely, the weather and pool contractors’ busy schedules during the most popular months.

Before deciding to move forward with in-ground pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, you should know the pros and cons associated with installation during each season. Read on to find out what time of year is likely to be best for you.


Installing a swimming pool during the winter months may yield discounts and good deals not usually offered during other times of the year. This is great for homeowners on a budget, or for anyone who wants to save a chunk of change on pool installation services. On the downside, wintertime around the new year is when pool manufacturers tend to increase their prices. Contact a pool builder before January to take advantage of sale prices and avoid delays caused by winter storms.


Of all the seasons, spring is the most popular time of the year to build an in-ground swimming pool. Many homeowners see spring as the ideal time since hot summer days are only weeks away. By the same token, the popularity of residential springtime pool installations keeps pool builders’ service calendars packed. Another downside of springtime pool construction is April showers softening the soil and flooding the ground. This can result in installation delays and having to wait longer to enjoy your pool.


Summer is the busiest season for swimming pool designers and installers. If you are absolutely sure that summer is when you want to build your pool, then schedule the job early for a midsummer completion date, or later in the summer when builders’ schedules begin opening up. Keep in mind that because building a pool takes time, a late summertime pool project means you will probably have to wait until the next year before you get to enjoy it.


A majority of the country encounters stable weather and drier conditions during the fall months, and these the ideal conditions for pool building. Drier ground allows for a faster, easier installation process. However, unless the weather is projected to turn, there’s no real rush to install your new pool, because you won’t get the chance to enjoy it until warmer weather arrives.

Within certain parameters, swimming pools can be installed during any season. For more information about custom in-ground pool construction in Los Angeles, CA, look no further than Avanti Pools, Inc. Call us today with questions or to schedule installation!