Important Considerations for Your Custom Pool Design in Los Angeles, CA

Much like building a custom home, you can plan the design and features of a custom swimming pool. You can take some time here and there to draw out your dream pool, and then enlist the help of a pool builder to turn your ideas into a realty. An expert will do everything in their power to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Here are some important things to keep in mind as you’re getting started on your custom pool design in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Find the best pool contractor: Make sure you hire a knowledgeable and experienced pool builder to take the lead on your dream pool project. This pool professional should also be reputable in the industry and respected in the community. Additionally, a local pool business that has been around a long time has likely earned the trust of the community over the years—this is the kind of pool contractor you want. Meet with a few local pool installers for estimates before choosing one.
  • Choose the right location: Your backyard might have limited space, or vast amounts of land going far back. Either way, it’s imperative you choose the right location for your custom swimming pool installation. Of course, you will need plenty of room for the size pool you want, but you should also factor in things like surrounding landscaping, outdoor living spaces and a possible covering extending from your home’s roof. Not only can a pool designer help you pick a good spot to build, but they will also analyze ground level and soil conditions.
  • Look at pool designs and shapes: Once you choose the perfect location for your new pool, you will have an easier time choosing its perfect size and shape. You pool designer will walk you through your options, including square, rectangle and oval. The shape of your pool should be geared toward the style of your home, how you want to use the pool and the general aesthetics of your space.
  • Plan for pool safety: Safety is one of the most important aspects of owning a private swimming pool, especially if you have children, neighborhood kids or pets. Ideally, you should take steps to ensure safety during the design process and into the installation phase, as well as for long-term use. Safety features include fences, covers, lighting and more. The depth of your swimming pool is also a safety concern. Your custom pool can be built as deep or as shallow as you like, but for households with family members who enjoy diving, a deeper pool is better.
  • Mull over extra features: Even though the construction process is a great time to select bonus features, there’s no rule saying you can’t wait until your swimming pool has been completely installed before adding on extra features. Regardless of when you opt to add extra features, a little investment in bonuses will pay off in the long run. You will get to enjoy your pool for years, not to mention the fact that your home’s resale value will increase.

When it comes to custom pool design in Los Angeles, CA, no one does it better and more beautifully than the experts at Avanti Pools, Inc. Call us today to learn more or arrange a consultation.