Sanitation Systems Keep Pools Clean Without Chlorine

There are times when owning a pool can feel more like a chore than a convenience. But it’s important not to get wrapped up in the chores or you’ll forget to enjoy this luxury amenity! The best way to reduce the amount of time you spend caring for your pool and increase the time you spend enjoying it is to explore the benefits of sanitation systems.

Many Los Angeles, CA pool owners have already discovered the great benefits of a pool sanitation system over traditional chlorine pool treatments and other chemical cleaning methods. And while some sanitation systems do use chlorine—like saline/salt systems that make chlorine—there are more that don’t. The result is not only less time spent maintaining your pool, but enhanced enjoyment of it!

Ozone cleaning systems

One of the true chlorine-free solutions to pool sanitation, these systems are a bit more costly than traditional pool cleaning systems—but they’re well worth the investment. Ozone cleaning utilizes ozone gas (O3) to oxidize microbes that accumulate in the pool, destroying them in a way similar to chlorine. The difference? No burning eyes or lingering chlorine smell! This type of sanitation system can even make your pool water feel softer.

The downside of ozone systems—aside from their heavier upfront cost—is the need for de-gas vessels or ozone destruct chambers, which break down the toxic gases formed by the ozone treatment process. Having them installed or retrofitted means adding more to the cost.

Titanium oxidation with copper ionization

These chemical-free systems also don’t require any chlorine, instead using an ionization and oxidation process to destroy pool microbes. NASA actually developed this process to purify drinking water for astronauts!

As water cycles through the pool’s sanitation system, it’s fed through an ionization chamber before being sent back into the pool. In this chamber, copper ions are added to the water, which serve to kill any bacteria, algae and viruses present. Titanium-coated plates within the chamber initiate oxidation during electrolysis, which further separates water into oxygen and hydrogen molecules. Everything else is targeted via ionization, including natural body oils, microbes, bacteria and more. Clean H2O is released back into the pool, completing the sanitation process.

Say goodbye to burning eyes!

The chief reason why so many pool cleaning approaches use chlorine is because it’s highly effective at neutralizing contaminants in water. The problem is, chlorine also has an adverse impact on the human body. It dries the skin, irritates the eyes and can leave you smelling stale for hours after your shower.

More Los Angeles, CA pool owners are turning to sanitation systems because they achieve the same cleansing results as chlorine, without the frustrating side effects. And, because they’re antibacterial and biocompatible, these systems are generally safer for the environment and our bodies! They’re also a lot easier to maintain and more effective than scheduled treatments.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your pool cleaner and more enjoyable, without adding more chores to your list or taking time away from your enjoyment of the pool itself, it’s time to consider a sanitation system. Contact Avanti Pools Inc. to learn more.