The Safety Benefits of Automatic Covers for Pools

Any pool owner knows that safety is a major concern. All too often you hear about tragic deaths of toddlers who accidentally fall in or individuals who slip and hit their heads while walking across the pool deck. These tragedies can be avoided, and it’s why there’s an entire industry dedicated to preventing them.

Non-slip covers, safety netting and automatic covers are just a few of the many convenient products Los Angeles, CA pool owners can rely on to enhance the safety of their pool. Among these many products, automatic covers are perhaps the most valuable. Not only do they offer tremendous convenience, but their safety benefits are second to none. It’s impossible to estimate how many potential tragedies have been prevented by a sturdy, secure pool cover. If you’re testing the case for having one installed on your pool, let the safety benefits speak for themselves!

Accessible only by adults

Automatic pool covers are more secure than simple tarps or pullover covers, making them much more difficult for a child to access. Kids can’t simply peel back the tarp and fall into the water—the cover remains taut while engaged and won’t move on the deployment system until someone turns a key or presses a button. Second only to pool fencing, an automatic pool cover system is the most effective feature in preventing drowning.

Keeps pets and wildlife out

Children aren’t the only group in danger of falling victim to an untended, unprotected swimming pool. Pets and wildlife can also fall victim. Generally, it’s because they fall in and become trapped under the cover, unable to get back out. Here again, the rigidity and security of automatic pool covers prevents this, while also shielding the pool.

Many automatic pool covers are taut enough and made of such a durable material that they can support upwards of 400 pounds of static weight! That means your dog or cat is in no danger of accidently falling through… and neither is the fox, rabbit, raccoon, opossum or any other critter that might skitter across your pool cover.

Durable protection against accidents

The issue with manual pool covers is that they’re prone to human error. Did you double-knot the tie downs? Is the cover pulled taut enough? These types of small issues can quickly compromise a generic cover, invalidating the protection it provides. All it takes is for someone to fall on top of the cover and the situation quickly grows dire.

Most vinyl automatic pool covers are completely self-directing. The only human intervention required is the quick press of a button or turn of a key. The cover extends and retracts automatically and uniformly, ensuring nothing is overlooked or under-performed. Moreover, the ability of an automatic covering system to properly roll and unroll the cover ensures it’s not being stored in a way that allows weak areas to compromise the material.

When it comes to safety, there’s no room for compromise. If you own pets or have kids, or care about your own safety when it comes to your pool, the investment in an automatic cover is one you need to make. Call Avanti Pools Inc. in Los Angeles, CA to learn more about your options.