Who Can Build Pools and Spas?

Choosing the right Los Angeles contractor for your pool and spa construction requires more than just Googling “pool contractor” and picking the first one in your area. In fact, for maximum protection, as well as guaranteeing a certain level of skill, you’ll want to pick a fully licensed and insured contractor.

Who is licensed to build pools and spas in Los Angeles, CA?

If your pool or spa job will cost more than $500 (which is the majority of swimming-related construction projects), then your contractor needs to hold a license from the California State License Board. Specifically, they need a C-53 swimming pool contractor’s license. General building (“B”) and C-27 landscape contractors can also help build pools, if they hold a specialty pool license or work with a C-53 swimming pool subcontractor.

To earn this license, a contractor has to have four years of journeyman-level experience in the field, pass a written exam, post a license bond, pass a background check and provide proof of worker’s compensation insurance when applicable.

How to pick the right swimming pool contractor

Finding a swimming pool contractor doesn’t have to be a huge hassle, but it’s also important not to rush through the process. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Compare bids from multiple contractors: As we mentioned earlier, never go with the first contractor you find. You should research and compare bids from at least three different companies. This will allow you to find the best price—even if it’s not the lowest You may like one contractor’s work more than others, or prefer the payment plan or timeline of another.
  • Ask for proof of license and insurance: Your contractor should be able to provide their contractor’s license (with valid photo identification) as well as proof of worker’s compensation and liability insurance policies. This is important in order to not only rest assured that you’re dealing with a legitimate, professional company, but also to protect yourself if someone is injured on your property.
  • Get word of mouth testimonials: Asking your family and friends whom they’ve worked with for their pool, and what that experience was like, is generally a reliable source of information. You can also research reviews on sites like Google and Yelp to get a better idea of how other customers have liked their experience with the contractor.
  • Ask for a written proposal: Finally, make sure you get your bid and proposal in writing. While it’s not legally binding until the contract is signed, it’s important to be able to refer back to promises and guarantees they made when you’re reviewing the contract.

Picking the right pool contractor can be something of a research process, but you’ll be glad you took the time.

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