Five Cleaning Tips for Removing Dog Hair from Your Pool

Dog hair can wreak havoc on your pool’s filtration system. The best way to prevent this is to keep dogs out of the pool altogether, but that is often too extreme for most dog owners. Fortunately, this issue is easily resolved with proper pool maintenance. Here are five cleaning tips for removing dog hair from the pool in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Groom regularly: Regular grooming and de-shedding reduces the amount of hair that ends up in your pool. Find a de-shedder blade that works for the coat type of your dog and use it at least twice a week. If you do not have a regular grooming schedule for your dog, and they need one, set it up now. While you will likely spend more for services and grooming tools, it will cost less than replacing your pool’s filtration system.
  • Use a pool sweep: When your dog steps out of the pool, hand skim the water to remove any visible hair balls. In addition, install a pool sweep. This device uses suction generated by the pool pump to bring in water and filter out the debris. There are also robotic options that run on electricity and scrub hard surfaces. To allow for additional filtration, place a skimmer sock over the collection basket. You can buy one or make one using a hair net or old nylons. Once the sweep runs its cycle, empty the basket immediately.
  • Acquire a pool vacuum: A pool vacuum is great for spot cleaning when you see hair at the bottom of the pool or find it floating just out of reach. Find a model with an internal filter. Pool vacuums operate independently from the filtration system, so you can use them anytime you see the need.
  • Upgrade your filtration system: If your dog swims often, or multiple dogs use the pool, you likely need a stronger filtration system. Every time someone uses the pool, it affects the chemical balance, and that includes both two-legged and four-legged swimmers. Better filtration allows you to worry less about this delicate balance, and if you miss dog hair during spot cleaning or running the pool sweep, it is less disastrous if your filtration system can handle these instances. Just be sure to continue checking your pool’s chlorine levels, and consider tracking them in an app.
  • Look into self-cleaning options: There are self-cleaning pools available. If you are looking to install a new pool and you have a dog, this could be an excellent option. It is also possible to install self-cleaning equipment in most pools so dirt and hair becomes less of a problem. This is a good idea for any pool owner who would rather spend time enjoying their pool than performing maintenance.

If you require cleaning tips for dealing with dog hair in the pool or need help with general maintenance, Avanti Pools, Inc. is here to help. Located in Los Angeles, CA, we offer pool construction services and features that turn your pool into a self-cleaning one. Call us today to learn more.