What Color Pool Surface Is Best for Heat Retention?

Taking a dip into the nice, cool water of a backyard swimming pool is one of the most refreshing things anyone can do on a hot day. But if that water’s too cold, it can be an uncomfortable shock. What we need is the perfect temperature, and that can be achieved by regulating the temperature of the water in your pool. But keeping it warm enough to be comfortable can be a costly endeavor. Fortunately, you can help keep those costs in check by selecting the best color pool surface for heat retention in Los Angeles, CA.

Benefits of darker pools

Many pools are lighter in color for aesthetic reasons, or to keep the water cooler. But a pool with a dark color will retain heat more efficiently than a lighter colored pool, and can help cut down on heating costs to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature. Dark colors retain heat energy from light more efficiently than light colors do. Conversely, light colors actually reflect heat. That’s why it’s suggested to wear white clothes in hot climates, and why wearing black on a hot day makes us feel the effects of heat more intensely. With a dark color pool surface, the heat from the sun will be captured and distributed throughout the water. That means less gas needed for the pool heater, and less electricity needed to run the pump—and more cash in your wallet.

Darker-colored pools have another benefit. Have you ever owned a light-colored car? It’s a dirt magnet. The same goes for light-colored pool surfaces. Unless your backyard is full of fine white sand imported from Hawaii, the water in a pool like this will also show dirt and debris like acne on a teenager’s face. Dark pools don’t have that problem, and require less upkeep to keep them looking presentable. As far as just how dark you want your pool to be, however, there are a few things to consider.

Color considerations

A pitch-black finish can give a lagoon look to a swimming pool, and has been a recent favorite of pool owners who crave a sleek, modern look. But it’s important to keep an eye out for black algae in these pools, which can be harder to spot due to the darkness of the pool surface. If you’re not meticulous with your pool chemistry, you could find yourself emerging from an evening swim looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Another option is to go with a color that’s still dark, but not quite black. For example, your favorite shade of dark blue could be a solid choice. Answering the question of what color pool surface is best for heat retention in Los Angeles, CA can be a heated debate, but it’s safe to say that for maximum heat, it’s best to go with a dark color like black or navy blue.

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