The Pros and Cons of Salt Water Pools

Now that the summer has arrived in earnest, Los Angelenos throughout the area are finally free to sink into their private swimming pools and soak up the California sun. Where a lot of homeowners opt for traditional chlorinated pools, however, more and more people are leaning toward salt water pools. Before you get your pool ready for the season or have a new pool installed, take a moment to consider the pros and cons of salt water pools in Los Angeles, CA.


Any pool owner can tell you that making sure your pool is in top shape requires work. You have to check chemicals and skim debris from the water. At least, that’s the case for chlorine pools. While there is undoubtedly a little maintenance involved in having a salt water pool, it is substantially less than owning a traditional chlorinated pool.


It’s worth noting that thousands of Americans own pools without harming themselves every year. However, some experts suggest that handling the toxic chemicals associated with a chlorinated pool could put pool owners at risk. Since there are no chemicals related to the maintenance of a salt water pool, the risk is much lower.

The price point

The most common question people ask themselves when considering the pros and cons of salt water pools in Los Angeles, CA concerns how much a salt water pool costs. When it comes to installation, a chlorinated pool is substantially cheaper than a salt water pool. That said, the average annual maintenance costs on a salt water pool are lower than those of a chlorine pool. In other words, while you might end up paying more initially for a salt water pool, you might end up saving money in the long run.

The DIY aspect

On a long enough timeline, a lot of homeowners become skilled at doing a significant portion of the required chlorine pool maintenance on their own. That’s not really possible with a salt water pool. These delicate bodies of water require professional attention whenever problems crop up. That may not be a big deal if you were planning on hiring a pool maintenance service regardless of your choice between chlorine and salt water.

Swimming in comfort

When you jump into a chlorine pool with a chemical imbalance, the water can be harsh on the skin, it can burn the eyes and generally make your soak in the pool unpleasant. That doesn’t happen in a salt water pool—the water is generally considered easier on the skin than the alternative.

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