What Is a Salt Chlorine Generator?

Are you in the market for a new pool? Maybe you’re getting tired of your traditional chlorine pool, and you’re considering switching things up. Either way, it could be time to explore the benefits of a salt water pool. This increasingly popular alternative to traditional chlorine has a huge number of benefits. Salt water is gentler on your skin and eyes. A salt water pool costs less to maintain over the course of its life. Many homeowners also find saltwater more refreshing to take a dip in and more appealing to the eye.

The function of your salt water pool begins and ends with the salt chlorine generator. For those who might be wondering what a salt chlorine generator in Los Angeles, CA is, we’ve got your answer.

What does a salt chlorine generator do?

You may have heard the term “electrolysis” before as it relates to a stay at a day spa. The term refers to more than just skincare and hair removal, however. Electrolysis is the process by which an electric current passes through a specific substance and causes a chemical change.

In the case of your salt water pool, the salt chlorine generator uses electrolysis to transform dissolved salt into two cleaning agents: gentle hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite. Unlike traditional chlorine pools, your salt chlorine generator releases these sanitizing components on an as-needed basis.

Not to be confused with a salt water filter

What is a salt chlorine generator in Los Angeles, CA? It isn’t a filter. Nevertheless, a salt chlorine generator is confused with the salt water filter. However, that is a separate component altogether. The salt chlorine generator is responsible for making sure there is an appropriate level of salt content in your pool’s water.

What type of salt will my pool use?

Depending on the kind of salt chlorine generator you choose, you could be using one of three types of salt:

  • The purest form of salt is mined directly from the ground.
  • Solar salt is made from evaporated seawater; the inherent impurities often cause a salt chlorine generator to work harder than usual.
  • Mechanically-evaporated salt is made from saltwater heated in a machine (as opposed to dissolved by the sunlight). It is also considered slightly harmful for your salt chlorine generator.

Though that may sound cut and dry, the type of salt you use will depend on the size of your pool and the recommendation made by your contractor.

Get the best in Los Angeles

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