Building a Pool on a Slope

Not all backyards are perfectly level, especially if you live on a hill. Can you still build a pool on a slope in Los Angeles, CA? Luckily, the answer is a resounding yes: although there are some challenges involved, it’s completely possible. Here are some of the solutions that make it possible to build a pool on a slope or hill—and some of the features you can build to make it a truly spectacular backyard space.

Slope solutions

There are two main ways to build a pool on a slope: adding terracing or retaining walls. Terracing involves adding several retaining walls down the hill, leveling off each area for a flat surface. This creates an effect like giant steps, which you can fill with different garden sections as well as your brand-new pool. It’s an excellent way to clear space for a pool and create visual interest, but it’s also a practical solution. Each of these “steps” helps prevent erosion and runoff.

When you use terracing, you can place your pool on any of the levels. The retaining walls help capture any rain and direct it to the garden levels, although proper drainage is key to achieving that goal.

You can also opt to add just one retaining wall, which offers similar grading results. Depending on where the retaining wall is, it can serve as a way to protect your pool from runoff and erosion and provide extra seating areas. This doesn’t have quite the same dramatic visual effect as terracing, but it’s an effective way to prepare a sloping backyard for a pool.

When it comes to drainage, you’ll need to ensure that water runoff is directed far away from your pool. Your pool contractor will help you design a solution that protects your pool and backyard while being as visually unobtrusive as possible.

Take advantage of your slope by adding these unique features

Now that you know it’s possible to build a pool on a slope in Los Angeles, CA, you can start thinking about how to take advantage of your natural backyard features. Slopes provide some unique opportunities for a variety of features.

First, you can make your pool an infinity pool. This gives the appearance that the pool just drops off at the edge—the water runs over a glass wall into a collection area below. This type of pool is especially popular if your slope provides a beautiful view.

Multi-level patios are another great solution made possible by slopes. Instead of a terraced garden, you can create the ultimate entertaining space—or add both for even more incredible impact.

Finally, you might consider adding a swim-up bar, especially if you plan to do a lot of entertaining in your backyard. Your guests will love the novelty and relaxation that comes with this particular feature.

Whatever you choose, working with a great pool contractor is a must. Get in touch with Avanti Pools, Inc. to discuss your options today. We’d love to schedule a consultation to talk about your pool ideas!